Stranger Things: Why Season 4 Is the Most Exciting


The Curse of Vecna. The executioner-monster has a biography – people brought it.

The fourth season of the series “Very strange things” collects admiring reviews. Previously, this fantastic epic horror of growing up was compared with Stephen King's It, and now, perhaps, we can draw analogies with the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

“Stranger Things” … Yes, this is our Harry !

The fourth season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix on May 27. Seven hour-long episodes were released. Directors and scriptwriters, the Duffer brothers, left the intrigue: on July 1, we are all waiting for two final episodes full of revelations about monsters and teenagers. The authors promise the timing is also inhuman – four hours, of which two and a half will take the final series.

Success for the series came immediately – with the first season in 2016. According to the plot, things are really very strange: children disappear in the town, kidnapped by monsters from a parallel world. Critics have rightly compared this story to Stephen King's It. But in general, unlike King, the series was made somewhat “childish” – it lacked depth.

Now the kids have grown up and the series has clearly begun to count on the attention of a more adult audience. And the Duffers “in an adult” approached the new continuation of “Stranger Things”.

  • Firstly, the creators of the series edited the saga and threw out a lot of characters.
  • Secondly, the biographies of the rest were carefully worked out and new amusing adventures were invented for them – already in the teenage world.
  • Thirdly, they composed a non-trivial life story of the main antagonist – a nightmarish monster named Vecna.
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    The demon, it turns out, had some grounds for manifestations of monstrous executioner qualities. I remember the aphorism: “It's hard to be a man. People get in the way.” Vecna, as it turns out, takes away for torture those who have developed a heightened sense of guilt. Therefore, the transformation of Vecna ​​can be compared with the fate of Voldemort, who, before his brutal metamorphosis, was just a kind of student at Hogwarts school.

    All of the above significantly affected the quality of the fourth season and draws on an analogy with the later series- books “Potteriana” Rowling.

    In the video, the phrase sounds promising: “War is coming. And we will be at its epicenter.” The vicissitudes of the fight between heroes and the monsters of hellish worlds will lead to such exotic places as the Soviet prison in Kamchatka (probably American consultants confused it with Kolyma). In the same place, in addition to torture by an “elephant” – a gas mask, to which a hose is plugged (this torture is still used today, judging by the criminal reports where law enforcement agencies are exposed), there will also be a spectacular battle with a monster – a demogorgon.

    The story turned out quite tense, and even with an intriguing ellipsis at the end. And for those who can't get enough of Stranger Things and who are looking forward to another such series, the Apple TV+ platform has prepared a surprise.

    Then and Now series: party tragedy, blackmail and secrets of the past

    On June 10, the 1st season of the American series “Then and Now” will begin on AppleTV: where there is also a reference to the past, teenagers and tragedy.

    The events of the new series unfold in Miami. Six friends gathered at a party on the eve of graduation. They went to college together. A cheerful and relaxed start to the day suddenly ended in tragedy – the death of one of the participants in the holiday.

    20 years have passed: during this time, friends have made careers, become wealthy people. A mysterious blackmailer reminds them of the tragic incident of their youth: threatening letters begin to arrive to their friends. And the amount that is required for keeping the secret – with six zeros. In addition, the police suddenly became interested in them: an experienced investigator, detective Flora, had questions for the participants of the old party.

    Today's ideal world is in danger of collapse. And the former fellow practitioners phoned again and got together, although they didn’t really want to see each other before.

    What happened twenty years ago? And who is the blackmailer?

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