Strike Averted at CN: Tentative Agreements Reached with Union

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The strike is avoided at CN: tentative agreements are reached with the union

Unifor represents more than 3,000 union members at Canadian National Railway Company (CN).

Tentative agreements were reached between Canadian National (CN) and the Unifor union on Monday. CN announced earlier this evening that new tentative collective agreements have been reached with Unifor.

Negotiations, which began in October, had continued until ;to Monday in order to avoid a work stoppage. The Unifor union already had strong strike mandates, with 97% and 98% of its members getting it, depending on the local union involved.

Unifor represents over 3,000 union members at Canadian National Railway Company (CN). They work in a variety of departments: Mechanical, Intermodal, Facilities Management, Offices, across the country.

“We are very pleased to have reached these agreements. CN has always sought negotiated agreements to improve working conditions for this important group of employees as we continue our vital work of keeping the economy rolling. x27; North America.

— CN President and CEO Tracy Robinson

No details of the tentative agreements are made public until the new collective agreements are ratified.< /p>

The union also announced the signing of tentative agreements, noting that negotiations have been fraught with difficulties, particularly due to demands for concessions from CN.

“With valuable member support, the bargaining committees were able to stand up to this large, highly profitable corporation and persevere to obtain tentative agreements .

— Lana Payne, Unifor National President

The four tentative agreements affect members of Local 100 and Council 4000 across the country, the union said in a statement. The former represents skilled trades in mechanical shops, while Council 4000 is for intermodal, clerical, mechanic and excavator operator workers.

Unifor clarifies that Ratification votes will be held very soon.

Earlier, Unifor, which is affiliated with the FTQ in Quebec, claimed that CN management wanted concessions from its members , affecting the age of retirement and benefits.

CN management did not want to confirm this information. She said she remained determined to reach an agreement in order to avoid union action.

In negotiations that began last fall, Unifor had asked for conciliation in mid -December.

The relevant collective agreements expired on December 31.

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