Strong maternal prayer for children


September 8, 2018, 06:34 | Culture

Higher powers quickly respond to a mother's prayer.

Strong maternal prayer for children

Protect your children from dangers, warn against troubles, but not with instructions, but with strength of spirit. The strong prayer of a mother's soul for children helps in the most difficult situations, but it is necessary to think about the future generation now. Just a few words will give a child confidence, informs Ukr.Media.

You can bless very often. For example, when a son or daughter is going to school, before leaving, take a moment in the morning rush, say your parental blessing. The child will study hard and avoid accidents.

Prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ for his children, prayer for protection and help

“Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, bless, sanctify, save my child (name) by the power of Your Life-giving Cross. Merciful Lord Jesus Christ, I entrust you with our children, given to us by you, fulfill our prayers. I am asking You, Lord, to save them in ways that You know. Save them from vices, evil and pride, and let nothing against You touch their souls. But give them faith, love and hope for salvation, and may they become Your chosen vessels of the Holy Spirit, and may their life path be holy and blameless before God. Bless them, Lord, and they strive every minute of their lives to fulfill Your Holy will, so that You, Lord, can always be with them as the Holy Spirit. Lord, teach them to pray to You, so that prayer would be their support, comfort in sorrows and consolation in their lives, and so we, their parents, were saved by their prayer. May Your angels keep them always. That our children may be sensitive to the grief of their neighbors, and may they fulfill the commandment of Your love. And if they sin, then grant them, O Lord, to bring repentance to You, and by Your indescribable mercy, forgive them. When their earthly life ends, then take them to Your Heavenly Homes, where let them take other Your chosen slaves with them. Through the prayers of Your Immaculate Mother of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints (all patron saints of the family are listed) and all the saints, Lord, have mercy on us, as you are glorified with your eternal Father and your Holy and Good and life-giving Spirit, now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen. "


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