Student loans for those moving to remote areas forgiven? “Rough drum policy”


The regional student loan credit experiment made it into the budget proposal. Annika Saarikko presented the Ministry of Finance's budget proposal on Thursday. [email protected] Today at 10:22

The Ministry of Finance's budget proposal included the trial of a regional student loan credit, for which six million euros have been allocated.

The Ministry of Finance's budget proposal for the year 2023 was released on Friday. Finance Minister Annika Saarikko (centre) presented the main points of the proposal on Thursday.

In the model already proposed by the center last year, the skills shortage in remote areas would be solved in such a way that, for example, the student loan of a doctor moving to a sparsely populated area could be partially or fully reimbursed. understanding from the prime minister's party, SDP.

Kokoumusupkilijat lytta

The proposal for a regional student loan reduction gets an immediate verdict from kokonumtu students.

– Bringing the experiment up for discussion again is harsh bridge drum politics, Nea Nättinen, chairman of konoumtu students, says in the organization's press release.

– The availability of labor does not only concern remote areas, but also large cities. The means must be found without putting students in an unequal position, Nättinen continues.

– Greens and SDP, stick to this and prevent the piloting of the experiment, says Santeri Kirkkala, the vice-president of the coalition students, in a press release.

The regional student loan refund has also received criticism from the labor market organization Akava. Akava's leading expert on education policy Emmi Venäläinen criticized the proposal on Twitter.

– The regional student loan credit must be differentiated not only by region, but also by sector. We don't need this kind of discriminatory classification for students' already meager benefits, Venäläinen writes.

Keskus students, on the other hand, praise the proposal.

The Norwegian model

< p class="paragraph">The regional student loan repayment model is currently in use in Norway.

A preliminary report on the model was completed in January and supported the experiment. The preliminary study was done by Spatia, a regional and municipal research center operating in connection with the University of Eastern Finland.

In the preliminary study, an experiment is proposed to be implemented in 25 municipalities in northern and eastern Finland.

– The target group of the experiment is recent graduates who have obtained a higher university degree and a university of applied sciences degree and have a student loan, it is written in the preliminary report.

The goal of the student loan credit is to meet the need for labor in sparsely populated areas.

– Experimentation is the only way to find out the effectiveness and control effect of the measure, the report explains.

Forgive the student loans of those moving to Syria? "Härskiä sildrum policy”

Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko. Elle LaitilaLapin Kansa: Student loans for those moving to remote areas will be forgiven – the government is preparing 5 October 2021 20:59


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