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Amazed tourist shows what happens at night on a Dubai beachï

“Amazed tourist shows what happens at night on a Dubai beach”

This beach in Dubaiï experiences an astonishing activity nocturnal.

In a few years, Dubaiï has become a global tourist spot and has attracted tourists. both the stars of the jet set and the “lambda” tourists; from all over the world, who discover lush and modern cities, fabulous beaches and deserts ideal for exploring. multiple activities.

In Dubai, everything seems decidedly possible and the excess of the facilities is matched only by the imagination of the authorities to satisfy tourists. One of them experienced it and shared it. his astonishment on his TikTok account. In a short video he published his amazement at the sight of a most unusual nighttime experience.

In the middle of the night, this young Spaniard @Megiassss shared a secret on Dubai beach. "It's 1:30 a.m. and we're on Dubai beach, which operates 24 hours a day," he says in a short 20-second video. watch in this article. He then details the process. set up to allow tourists to enjoy the beach nearby. any time of the day or night.

The video shows powerful spotlights, carefully placed in the sand to flood the beach with light, allowing bathers to enjoy the sea from above. any time. "They put on these powerful lights, a 24-hour lifeguard, and çit worked because all the water is lit", he explains, at the time of film this lifeguard at home equipment worthy of the Alert series Malibu wisely positioned on the beach and ready to go intervene in the middle of the night!

The man in question must indeed have work since, in the video, shot in the middle of the night, we see several silhouettes before ;scents in the water."Even though it's 1:30 in the morning, there's already water. people who bathe thanks to illuminated water. "That doesn't make sense," exclaims the amateur videographer, before joining the sea himself for a swim that is undoubtedly unique in the world and… not very Ecological.

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