Stupid mistakes when removing stains that housewives make


    July 26, 2022, 09:01 | Science and technology

    What not to do with a stain.

    Stupid mistakes when removing stains that housewives assume

    Surely you have repeatedly come across advice where it is recommended to remove stains with the help of salt or cold water?

    However, the authors of many life hacks make fundamental mistakes, due to which their followers will never be able to get rid of stains . Here are the 5 most frequent, informs Ukr.Media.

    Do not salt the wine

    Salt a fresh red wine stain immediately, otherwise it will remain forever! Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake.

    Thanks to the salt, the dyes will be fixed in the fabric, so after washing the clothes will have an even darker stain.

    It is best to wash off the wine with water and use a stain remover. . But it also needs to be handled with care.

    More does not mean better

    Most people think that the more stain removers they use, the better their chances of beating the stain. This is certainly not correct.

    For example, if you put a lot of stain remover on a carpet, it will simply harden there and the chemicals will be difficult to remove with water, and then it will all dry out.

    Therefore, it is better to apply the stain remover several times and also rinse the stain with water several times until it is completely gone.

    Warm or cold water

    As you know, hot water can handle fat and many other impurities. However, this does not apply to stains that appear on textiles.

    Hot water can really remove stains from fabric, but at the same time spoil the thing itself, for example, from natural wool. Therefore, a little warm or even cold water (in the case of blood) is suitable for cleaning.

    Soap only after water

    Although soap may seem like the perfect first aid, the truth is that if you use it right away, the result will be the exact opposite of what you expect. This especially applies to stains from wine, coffee or tea.

    That is, those stains that are really difficult to remove. Therefore, as a first aid, choose water first, and then soap or a stain remover.

    Don't overdo it

    Of course, avoid aggressively rubbing the stain, for example, with a dishwashing sponge. Doing so can not only fix the dyes, but also damage the fabric.

    Instead, apply water or solution to the stain and lightly work it in, leave it on, then rinse.


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