Stylist Gosha Kartsev spoke about Russophobia in Georgia, midlife crisis and burnout: “I try not to speak Russian”


    Stylist Gosha Kartsev spoke about Russophobia in Georgia, midlife crisis and burnout: "I try not to speak Russian"

    Gosha Kartsev

    Stylist and TV presenter Gosha Kartsev gave the first big interview to Madonna Moore for her YouTube channel. We collected the main quotes.

    About life in Tbilisi

    I needed to take my whole family somewhere when the military special operation began. Call it whatever you want: we all understand what has begun. My family and I just packed our bags and drove off. We made a list of countries where we can fly quickly, and by dashes through Uzbekistan we got to Georgia. We went through a bunch of different emotional stages, faced Russophobia. Now my family has already returned to Vladivostok, and I have a contract for another year for an apartment (renting an apartment was a test), so I decided to spend time there. Moscow is very hectic, and there is a different emotional atmosphere here. It's hard for me now to think about returning, but I already have to.

    About Russophobia in Georgia

    In general, I am an apolitical person, but now, because of the situation, I have become interested in all this. I used to come to Georgia to eat khinkali, drink saperavi and behave ugly… Then Natasha Osmann and I made a film about Georgia, and I got a huge amount of hate in the comments about the fact that the Russians should not be there. Now, when I live there, communicate with people, I understand what the main problem is. The first two or three months were hard. Everywhere graffiti and stickers with inscriptions: “Citizens of the Russian Federation, you are not welcome here.” All the evil against our president is written on every pillar. Many places say: “If you support Putin, don't come here.” I try not to speak Russian. They have many reasons why they are angry. This is justified. This is a complex political game, but I'm not good at it at all.

    About leaving Russia

    When the special operation began, I was on a yoga tour in the Maldives, meditating, looking at the fish. It helped me to enter this panic state normally. I read the news, met the dawn and came to my senses with the help of breathing practices. I realized that my family should be there, only then I can help her. When the words “nuclear weapons” sounded, I told my relatives to pack their bags and fly to me in Moscow. They started canceling flights, and I realized that we could be behind the curtain, and suggested that the family wait out.

    About midlife crisis and burnout

    Last year I had three TV projects. I was badly burned out and had a midlife crisis. It's an amazing thing: it's like you start dying. I began to ask myself a lot of questions, I reconsidered my attitude to the business that I had been doing for six years (I made my school free, although it brought me 1.5 million rubles a month). I realized that fashion was very confused, so I began to return to my roots.

    About the profession of a stylist

    At some point, everyone wanted to become stylists, to be, first of all, bloggers, and then sell their product. When “infogypsyism” began to dominate the stylist crowd, I realized that this needs to be radically changed. I realized that I am much more talented and can do more than just show off things on a banned social network. I never had a goal to get into the frame and on television, I don’t want to become Sasha Rogov and broadcast every Saturday. Demonstrate a happy lifestyle in an ongoing situation or change clothes on a tiktok video — it's clearly not mine. I want to throw out creative ideas. I want people in the industry to think more about quality than likes.

    Stylist Gosha Kartsev spoke about Russophobia in Georgia , midlife crisis and burnout: "I try not to speak Russian"

    After the interview, Gosha wrote a telegram post in which he shared his impressions:

    Actually, it was hard. Lots of thoughts after the video. And from the interview it may seem that I don't like Russia. Everything I say about Georgia and Ukraine in the video, about content, bloggers, TV and so on, — because I'm worried about us! I know that we have opportunities. I know that we can cool. I want us to do cool! I want the same to be said about us. Yes, it sounds like “my mother's friend's son”, but my school is free in Russian! I work in Russia. I love the country. I love Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekat, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Rostov, Nizhny, Suzdal, Kamchatka and so on. There are great guys everywhere. And everywhere you can do great. Now it seems that such a thought should be allowed. It may not have been worded correctly. I don't make excuses. I'm just reminding you. We can. And we'll do it. And I want to prove it by my own example. Try. And I'm talking about my work. I'm not talking about politics! World.

    Gosh Kartsev became famous after launching his own school, School Gosh, the main goal of which — to give everyone the necessary skills and knowledge to start a career in the fashion industry. As a stylist he has worked with many brands — Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger, Tiffany & Co., Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and others. In 2021, Kartsev became one of the co-hosts of the show “You are a top model” on TNT. Now he leads a YouTube channel (324 thousand subscribers) about his life and stylizes shooting.


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