Successful mushroom picking is stocking for the winter. When is the best time


When we plan to stock up mushrooms or want to enjoy their taste seasonally, it is good to know when our favorite mushrooms are growing.

Successful mushroom picking is stocking for the winter. When is the best time

There is no doubt that mushrooms can be harvested all year round, because an experienced mushroom picker will find any species of edible mushroom, regardless of the calendar.

Even mushroom picking is conditioned by its own calendar

Of course, mushrooms have their own growth and reproduction season, which is why we can enjoy such a wonderful variety during the mushroom picking season!

When you are wondering what seasons are ideal for mushroom picking in our country, you must remember that it is best to start mushroom picking in the middle of summer and then in the fall, because in these periods you have a chance to encounter the most popular species, such as kites, butterflies, porcini mushrooms, bay boletes, or chanterelles, red pine mushrooms or fungus.

From July, practically until November, we have the opportunity to collect a multitude of different species of mushroom, but an important condition must be met.

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We use it for a reason saying that something appears in great numbers, like mushrooms after a rain. The condition for an abundant harvest is the right amount and frequency of warm rains, which mushroom fruiting bodies need very much to develop.

From June, therefore, we can prepare for the harvest of the first boletus, buttermilk, faucet and kani. Boletus, geese and goats begin to appear in July, while in August and September we have a chance to harvest the first red and hairy mushrooms.

The fruiting body of mushrooms usually lasts until full growth until late autumn, so in favorable weather conditions we have a chance for several months of abundant mushroom picking.


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