Succession of Macron: war is declared

Édouard Philippe, Bruno Le Maire, Gérald Darmanin… Three right-wing men are positioning themselves on the starting line for 2027, but none is an heir.

Macron's succession: war is declared

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In Macronie, it's the forbidden word: succession. The 2027 deadline? Totally taboo. Emmanuel Macron, no more than the court of faithful who surrounds him, never addresses the question. “If there's one who wants to go talk to the boss, let him go, I'll gladly let him pass me!” quipped a Castle adviser, laughing as he imagined the presidential ire. “It's left unsaid in our discussions,” observes a minister coyly. The Head of State knows it, each passing day brings him a little closer to the end of his reign. Since his closed mine at Champ-de-Mars on the evening of his re-election, everyone has understood that it was the beginning of the end.

The slap in the ballot box at the legislative elections has only done worsen this feeling. He'll have to get used to it: Constitution obliges