Succession season 4: the family war explodes in the trailer

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HBO Max has just unveiled a teaser trailer for Season 4 of Succession.

The world of media has successfully inspired the world of the small and especially the big screen in the past. Recently, this world far from being angelic was described without complacency through the adaptation of Balzac's novel, Lost Illusionsby Xavier Giannoli while Pentagon Papers by Steven Spielberg focused more on the idealism that could still animate the environment. But the most famous work on the press and its tycoons was the work of Orson Welles and his Citizen Kane.

Although less prized by the series, the media macrocosm has been the object since 2018 of the excellent Successionproduced by HBO, visible on HBO Max in the United States and on OCS in France. However, if the HBO Max platform is struggling to challenge the hegemony of Disney + and Netflix on the streaming market, the channel can still rely on the quality of Succession to distinguish itself, in the meantime The Last of Us. Recently, HBO Max unveiled a terrible trailer for its series in 2023, already with images of Succession. And this time, HBO Max revealed the official trailer for season 4 of its series.

This less than a minute teaser disappoints a little with its length, but on the other hand promises new plots, low blows and lies surrounding Logan Roy's estate. Indeed, after the events of season 3, some heirs will form a real coalitionwith the aim of imposing himself on the omnipotent devious patriarch, like Shiv and Kendall.

Thus, the battle between the supposed successors Waystar RoyCo's throne will perhaps take a decisive turn with Shiv finally at the top of the food chain? This would be an opportunity for Sarah Snook to deliver an even crazier performance in line with that of Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong. Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, will have to assume his actions against his descendants while remaining very wary of his new allies.

That's why we're eagerly awaiting the return of those white-collar sharks. Succession is one of the best programs, on all platforms, in recent years. Season 4 will be available on HBO Max in spring 2023 for the United States and will probably be accessible in our territory on the OCS channel as for previous seasons.

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