Such were the last months and days of Jerzy Połomski. “He was too weak”

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What were the last days of Jerzy Połomski's life like?

These were the last months and days of Jerzy Połomski.

As the “Super Express” portal emphasizes, Jerzy Połomski was in pretty good physical condition, although he had considerable memory and hearing problems. Unfortunately, on Monday, November 14, the worst news came – Połomski died at the age of 89. The background of his death came to light.

The last months of Jerzy Połomski's life

For a year and a half, Jerzy Połomski lived in the House of Veteran Artists of Polish Stages in Skolimów. The accounts of people who work or live there indicated that Połomski kept to the side. He spent most of his time in his room or on solitary walks. Everyone unanimously emphasized that the singer was in great physical condition.

Unfortunately, the mental condition did not go hand in hand with the physical condition. Jerzy Połomski faced increasingly serious memory problems. Less than a month ago, the artist ended up in one of Warsaw's hospitals. It turned out that a leg operation was necessary.

The findings of “Super Express” show that the surgery performed at that time was successful and after a few days Jerzy Połomski was able to return to Skolimów, where he was under the care of doctors and staff of the facility. And when it seemed that everything was going in the right direction, Połomski was hospitalized again.

 This is how the last months and days of Jerzy Połomski looked like

The last days of Jerzy Połomski's life

According to the information provided by Jerzy Połomski's manager, he was hospitalized last Wednesday. “He had an infection. His body couldn't cope with the infection that got into him. He was too weak…” – said Violetta Lewandowska.

Lewandowska emphasized that the doctors fought for it until the very end to save Jerzy Połomski's life, unfortunately, he failed.

The artist's body will rest in a grave on the Avenue of Merit in Warsaw's Powązki Cemetery, where the singer bought a place some time ago. The artist's sister, who died in July this year, is already in the grave.

These were the last months and days of Jerzy Połomski. "He was too weak"

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