Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie flies to the aid of the Ayer Cut


The upcoming release of Justice League's fantastical Snyder Cut has rekindled the flames of Suicide Squad fans, and it's Margot Robbie's turn to speak out on the subject.

Exhausted by critics and many spectators when it was released, Suicide Squad nonetheless moved the box office, as it collected some 768 million dollars internationally. Not enough to threaten the billions garnered by Marvel's behemoths , but nothing to be ashamed of either, far from it. And in the wake of its theatrical release, a lot of information has emerged about the film's complicated production.

Competition between several edits during post-production resulting in a cinema version with a patchwork air, ejection of several sequences with the Joker played by Jared Leto … the director David Ayer has made no secret of the successive transformations of his long- footage, as well as his desire to one day be able to present viewers with his own vision of Suicide Squad .

When we arrive in town …

The film does not benefit from the same aura as Justice League , we can not say that the movement calling for the availability of a new version has ignited social networks or coagulated cinéphages. However, it should not be underestimated. Not only do Suicide Squad fans exist , but their passion for the project, far from fading, has logically been increased tenfold by Warner's choice to bring the Snyder Cut to life.

Proof that the studio is able to review its copy and invest money in it (we talk here and there an investment of 70 million), the supporters are more and more vocal, and ardently claim that the HBO Max platform serves as a lifeline for the film. They will be in heaven when they discover that actress Margot Robbie, who plays the iconic Harley Quinn , is supporting their noble fight. When asked as part of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, she gave her opinion on the matter:

God save the Quinn

“I have never seen the Ayer Cut. I know we shot a lot of things that didn't end up in the final cut. I would be very curious to see that. ”

Well, we are far from a furious commitment in favor of David Ayer, but the actress is today one of the most appreciated in the DC universe and her character one of the few to be almost unanimous, these comments could carry some weight . Provided, of course, that the studio does not consider the long version already released on video as a good enough catch-up session, while James Gunn's The Suicide Squad looms, whose mission will be to put the franchise back on track. .

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