Summer 2022: peeing at sea will now be punished with a heavy fine

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Summer 2022 may not go as planned. A beach now heavily penalizes vacationers peeing on the sand or in the sea. The goal? Strengthen its system against incivility.

Every year, many holidaymakers travel to the four corners of Europe to enjoy the sunny days. Spain is one of the key destinations of the season. And this summer 2022should not be spared. But watch out for cravings. A beach in Spain has just recently introduced a rule with serious consequences, as reported by the local television channel Antena 3. It’s the seaside resort of Vigo, in the northwest of the country, which implemented a hardening. The aim is to reinforce its system against incivility on its beaches. Since June 15, it is now forbidden to urinate on the sand or in the sea. Under penalty of a hefty fine of up to €750.

If a large number of vacationers pee in the sea, < strong>the city of Vigo considers this to be a real nuisance. But also of a breach of the most elementary rules of hygiene, a lack of civility and good manners. With such a fine, the town hall hopes to be able to dissuade and discourage the most reckless. The British daily The Independent reports that the town hall “did not really specify how it intended to do to identify bathers who would relieve themselves in the sea and to make apply this new rule”. Although the establishment of a protocol is not yet defined, Vigo intends to change abusive behavior into holidays.

New rules for cleanliness at sea

The sanction of€750 after urinating at sea or on the beach is unprecedented. But Spain is not going to stop there. Several other restrictions should be put in place soon. The aim is to ensure cleanliness and good citizenship by the sea. As proof, in Vigo, it is also forbidden to use soap in the beach showers . Garbage and grilling are also prohibited. And soon, it is the deckchairs on the sand which will be affected by a new hardening. The newspaper 20minutes clarified: “Tourists who would have the idea of ​​placing their towel on a deck chair to “reserve” it expose themselves to a fine of 30€< /strong>“. A sanction which aims to avoid the abusive grabbing of deckchairs at the beach.

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