Summer car wash mistakes made by almost all car owners


July 7, 2022, 08:04 | Auto

Do it right.

Mistakes of the summer car wash, which are made by almost all car owners< /p>

Over time, the car acquires characteristic traces of use even by a careful driver. Dust, burnt-out paintwork, worn headlights and a windshield on which you can still see old greasy spots since winter, thanks to which visibility even during the day deteriorates due to the appearance of glare. And far from all car owners take care of their car correctly, because of which the problems listed below can increase, informs Ukr.Media.

Car washing is a mandatory point in car care. However, many car owners do not even imagine that the water treatments they pamper their vehicle with can sometimes harm it. So, an imaginary simple and everyday sink becomes a formidable weapon in the destruction of paintwork.

Mocking the body is wiping it from dust with a dry and dry cloth. The thing is, all this dust is not so harmless. The finely dispersed suspension that has settled on the paintwork of your car, if it is wiped dry, turns into a kind of sandpaper and easily scratches the paint.

Washing a car with cold water in the heat is a crime. A strong temperature drop undoubtedly has a negative effect on the paint coating. Microcracks, which may appear at the same time, are a direct path to local foci of corrosion. It's the same as pouring boiling water over the body when it's cold — the effect is the same. Therefore, washing should be done with warm water.

Using strong pressure when washing the underhood space also leads to problems. A sharp and strong jet can easily cut the wiring or damage the radiator cells. As a result, the car may have difficulty starting or overheat. And you can damage all kinds of sensors that modern cars are stuffed with. The price of some of them may surprise you unpleasantly.

Many motorists, wanting to save money, use the express car wash service, when the car is washed, but not wiped dry. But the drops that have collected on the surface of the body before they have dried are like small lenses. The sun's rays, refracted and focused by them, become even more aggressive and literally burn areas of the paint coating on the body, leaving burnt spots.

A bucket and a foam sponge are the favorite means of self-washing a car for many car owners. This is fundamentally wrong. It is best to use a contactless sink. And on places of special pollution, special products are applied and a brush is used. The sponge collects grains of sand in its pores, which are easy to scratch the body.

It is necessary to take care of the car. And summer is the time to devote a little more time to your car. You can patch up the wounds received during the winter. Put the exterior and interior in order. And of course, in the summer it is much easier to maintain a neat form of transport. The main thing is not to forget that it should also be done correctly.


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