Sunstroke in animals: how to recognize and how to help a pet


July 24, 2022, 12:31 | Animals

Tailed pets cannot do without our help.

Sunstroke in animals: how to recognize and what help a pet

Not only a person can overheat in the sun, but also their pet. At the same time, the longer the coat, the more likely the problem is, informs Ukr.Media.

Overheating is facilitated by airways deformed as a result of selection.

Dogs are often left in a locked car, where it is stuffy and there is no movement. air, and a cat can fall asleep in the sun and not feel when it is time to go into the shade.

How to recognize heatstroke in a pet and help him?

How to understand that an animal has become ill

It is difficult to guess what temperature will be harmful for a pet. A big role is played by its age, state of health, length and color of wool, fatness. But if his body temperature rises to 40.5 degrees, he will feel sick.

The first signs of overheating are lethargy and shortness of breath. The animal will stick out its tongue and begin to breathe noticeably more often, may fall on its side and not immediately get up on its paws.

Having discovered that the pet has become unwell, it is necessary to take urgent measures: take it to the shade, pour water on it or at least wipe its stomach, armpits and neck with a wet towel, give it a drink. The consequences of heat stroke usually appear after a few days and can be expressed in a wide variety of deviations: vomiting, stool disorders, etc.

Overheating is dangerous for animals for two reasons. First, the body heats up to a critical point very quickly, as initially the body temperature of cats and dogs is higher than that of humans — from 37.5 to 39 degrees. Secondly, the heart with blood vessels and the brain are the first to take the blow. If the pet's body heats up to 42 degrees, blood will begin to clot.

The most dangerous consequence of sunstroke is cerebral edema. Even veterinarians do not always succeed in bringing the animal back to full life. Severe overheating can lead to death.

Why you should not leave a dog in a closed car in the heat

Dogs don't cool down like people do. In them, sweat is produced only on areas not covered with fur: on the pads of the paws, on the nose and inside the ears.

It is clear that in the heat these secretions are not enough to lower the body temperature. Even four-legged animals can transfer part of the heat to cooled surfaces, but inside the cabin, all surfaces heat up quickly and begin to emit heat themselves. And wool, which retains heat…

The only way to cool down is to stick out your tongue and start taking quick breaths in and out. But breathing becomes more difficult as the air in the car heats up. A dog left in a car can die in 20 minutes.

How to help a pet survive the heat

Compared to us, animals are unable to help. themselves to cope with the summer heat, therefore, all responsibility for their condition lies with the owners.

First of all, it is not necessary to take the pet outside in the heat of the heat, at least for a long time. Try to walk the dog in the morning and in the evening, after six. If you are going for a long walk, be sure to take water with you and wet your pet's fur from time to time. Moisture will evaporate from the surface of the body, lowering its temperature. In addition, the dog will probably want to drink.

Do not get carried away with dousing. After all, it is a great stress for a dog (and even more so for a cat). It is enough to wet the pet's head from time to time. You can cover a short-haired dog's head or back with a wet towel. By the way, in the hot season, instead of dry food, it is better to offer wet mixtures to four-legged friends.


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