Super-resistant to Covid: but how do they do it?

Immunity, genetics, blood type… Scientists are trying to unlock the secrets of those who resist the onslaught of the virus.

Covid super-resistant: but how do they do it?

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Where will the Omicron variant stop? With daily infections exceeding 500,000 on January 25, will it eventually reach us all? There is no justice: while some unlucky people already have two episodes of Covid on the clock, others have been insolently passing between the drops for two years. It is not fault, however, to have had to deal with Sars-CoV-2. Some people, even surrounded by infected spouses and children, continue to taunt him. Without living as recluses or turning into ayatollahs of barrier gestures. Simple fluke or superpower? Answers.

“Blood type can be a cause of resistance to infection. I am quite convinced of this, even if there is debate around this question”, assures Jacques Le Pendu

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