Supporters of electoral reform will demonstrate in Quebec

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Supporters of electoral reform will demonstrate in Quebec City

The organizers of the demonstration want to show Prime Minister François Legault that he is wrong to say that the reform of the voting system does not interest Quebecers.

Quebec civil society organizations, including several from the student movement, will demonstrate in front of the National Assembly on November 29 to demand a reform of the voting system. They believe that the “worst distortions in our history” observed in the October 3 election demonstrate how “sick” democracy in Quebec is and needs shock treatment.

The representatives of the organizations grouped within this new common front in favor of electoral reform made their demands heard during a conference organized Tuesday morning at the Press Gallery of the National Assembly, in Quebec City.

They recalled that the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and its leader François Legault had undertaken to reform the voting system during the 2018 election. x27;did not follow through after taking power.

History repeats itself, the CAQ government, when it realized that the system was advantageous to it, […] sabotaged its own reform of democratic institutions for […] strictly partisan and very short-sighted considerations, denounced Jean-Benoît Ratté, member of the board of directors of the New Democracy Movement.

“The problem is that the only party that can carry out voting reform is the same party that has been outrageously advantaged by this broken system. . »

— Jean-Benoît Ratté of the New Democracy Movement

Result: the elections of October 3 gave rise to a distortion the likes of which have rarely been seen in Quebec.

Samy-Jane Tremblay (left), Maya Labrosse (center), Jean-Benoît Ratté (right) and their colleagues met with journalists at the National Assembly Press Gallery on Tuesday morning.

< p class="e-p">The Coalition avenir Québec won 41% of the votes and 72% of the seats. The Parti Québécois and Québec solidaire obtained more votes than the Liberal Party of Quebec despite obtaining fewer seats, underlined the president of the Quebec Student Union, Samy-Jane Tremblay.

Half a million people voted for the Conservative Party. Currently, there are no seats occupied by the Conservatives, she added.

Ms. Tremblay believes that improving the voting system is handy. The government, she said, would only have to come out and dust off Bill 39 introduced by Sonia LeBel in 2019, then Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Electoral Reform.

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“Mr. Legault, you are being asked to keep your promise and reform our voting system. »

— Samy-Jane Tremblay, President of the Quebec Student Union

The spokesperson for Citizen Mobilization for a reform of the ballot, Maël Ferland- Paquette, believes that the abandonment of Bill 39 by the CAQ demonstrates that we cannot rely on political power to change things.

Maël Ferland-Paquette, spokesperson for Citizen Mobilization for Election Reform.

< p class="e-p">Leaving the decision in the hands of the government does not work. This is why the mobilization exists. We have to take matters into our own hands. We are the people, we decide, he said.

Unlike Prime Minister François Legault, Mr. Ferland-Paquette does not believe that the reform of the electoral system is a subject that interests no one, apart from a few intellectuals.

C It is moreover to prove the head of the CAQ wrong that he invites Quebecers to participate in large numbers in the demonstration on November 29.

“We're coming to open the door and then we'll talk about it. Demonstration is a first step. There will be others and then in four years, we will vote for the government that represents us, not to say the least worse. »

— Maël Ferland-Paquette, Citizen Mobilization for Voting Reform

A survey by the Léger firm conducted the day after the October 3 election showed that a majority of Quebecers want a reform of the current voting system (archives).

For the President of the Quebec Collegiate Student Federation, Maya Labrosse, maintaining the status quo risks increasing cynicism regarding our democratic institutions. She particularly fears the consequences of the lack of representativeness on the willingness of young people to participate in the electoral process.

We know very well that an individual's first experience of voting has a direct impact on their participation in elections throughout their life. We wonder what effect [the last election] will have in the long term on the confidence that young people have in our democratic institutions if we make no effort in terms of representing everyone, launched Ms. Labrosse.

To refuse to change the voting system is to accept to feed cynicism for the years to come for the youth, she added.

Quebecers are invited to demonstrate in favor of the reform of the voting system on November 29, at noon in front of the National Assembly, at Quebec (archives).

The coalition of organizations in favor of electoral reform also includes the National Student Solution for a Fair Vote and the Coalition for Electoral Reform Now .

Their representatives invite the population to a demonstration next Tuesday, November 29, at noon in front of the Parliament Building, in Quebec.

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