Supreme Court allows transfer of Trump's tax returns to Congress

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Supreme Court Allows Transfer of Trump Tax Returns to Congress

Former President Donald Trump will finally have to submit his tax returns to Congress.

The United States Supreme Court on Tuesday authorized the transfer of Donald Trump's tax returns to Congress , thus rejecting a final appeal by the former Republican president.

A committee of the House of Representatives, which will remain in the hands of the Democrats until January, has been demanding for three years the documents transmitted to the tax authorities by the billionaire between 2015 and 2020.

However, unlike every tenant of the White House since the 1970s, Donald Trump has consistently refused to release his tax returns and fought fiercely in court to block Congress' request.

< p class="e-p">After many episodes, a federal appeals court had authorized the tax authorities at the end of October to transmit these documents to the House committee. The real estate magnate then filed an urgent appeal with the United States Supreme Court to block this transfer.

On November 1, the Supreme Court suspended the transmission of the documents while waiting to have the elements to decide on the merits.

After having received the arguments of the two parties, it finally rejected Donald Trump's request on Tuesday . As usual, she did not explain her motives.

Although it was deeply reworked by the ex-president, the high court inflicted several setbacks on it. In 2020, she notably authorized the transfer of financial documents to the New York justice system, which is investigating her affairs.

Donald Trump's lack of transparency, who made his wealth a campaign argument, has fueled speculation about the extent of his wealth or possible conflicts of interest for years.

He doesn't x27;is not certain, however, that the transfer of his tax archives to Congress lifts the veil on the affairs of the septuagenarian, who has just announced his candidacy for the presidency of 2024.

The commission, which called for these tax returns to develop ethical rules on the business of presidents, is not supposed to make them public. In January, the Republicans will regain control of it and will probably abandon this work.

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