Surprising news circulated in the media. Is the marriage of Kajra and Sławomir hanging in the balance?


Is the marriage of Kajra and Sławomir in crisis?

 Surprising reports circulated in the media. Did the marriage of Kajra and Sławomir hang by a thread

According to the” M Press “portal, people from Sławomir Zapała and Magdalena Kajrowicz's entourage indicate that the couple will soon can start to live apart. The reason why the spouses would decide to divorce may surprise many. Get to know the details!

Kajra and Sławomir won the hearts of Poles

Kajra and Sławomir took the Polish music scene by storm a few years ago, winning the hearts of the Polish audience. There is probably no one who has not heard the most famous number of the couple “Miłość w Zakopanem” at least once. Although none of the songs achieved such spectacular success, Sławomir and Kajra still have many fans.

According to” M Press “reports, the couple's marriage is not doing very well. Kajra and Sławomir have been married since 2011 and they had a son, Kordian. It is said that it is the child that prevents them from making the final decision to part with which they have to bear for 2-3 years.

It is said that the couple more and more often decide to spend time separately. They were also to come to the conclusion that between them is no longer as it used to be, as if they suddenly stopped complementing each other. Looking at the photos posted on the web, it is rather hard to assume that there is a lot of truth in these sensational reports.

The mere fact of spending time separately is not at all strange, considering the fact that Kajra and Sławomir are together not only at home, but also during their professional activity. Sometimes everyone has to take a breath and just be together, no matter if you are an “average citizen” or a “rock-polo” star. We hope that is the case here too.

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