Surprising reports circulated in the media. Will Katarzyna Cichopek decide on a church divorce? What about Marcin Hakiel

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Katarzyna Cichopek will decide to divorce the church?

 Surprising reports circulated in the media. Will Katarzyna Cichopek decide to expand the church. What about Marcin Hakiel

As reported by the portal” Jastrząb Post “, after Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski confirmed their relationship, it was speculated that the actress and her new partner would start efforts to annul their church wedding. What does Marcin Hakiel say?

The relationship of Maciej Kurzajewski and Katarzyna Cichopek

After Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel announced that they had decided to split up after 17 years spent together, an avalanche of speculation began, which contributed to the breakdown of a marriage that was considered ideal for years. Marcin Hakiel suggested that the breakup was due to the appearance of someone in Katarzyna's life.

Then rumors started to connect the actress with her partner from the “Question for breakfast” program, Maciej Kurzajewski. Neither Cichopek nor Kurzajewski commented on these media reports for a long time. In the end, however, they decided to reveal their relationship, in which the journalist's ex-wife, Paulina Smaszcz, was involved.

When it became clear that Cichopek and Kurzajewski were together, it was said that now they would both start making efforts to annul church weddings. What about Marcin Hakiel? the dancer expects that sooner or later his ex-partner decides to go to church divorce to get married with a new partner.

So it seems that Marcin Hakiel has actually gotten over his betrayal and not he intends to make his ex-wife a problem also in the matter of annulling the sacrament of marriage. Earlier, many stars decided to take a similar step, including. incl. Cezary Pazura, or Jacek Kurski.

What do you think of the whole thing?

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