SUV Toyota price 12 $ 600 showed unprecedented sales

Паркетник Toyota с ценой 12 600 долларов показал небывалые продажи

Automobile company Toyota has announced the start of sales of the new Yaris SUV LX in October. Dealerships immediately started taking pre-orders, and in the past month, there were 11 thousand pre-orders. Today, there is a rush to buy a new SUV Toyota Yaris LX.

The car is notable for its low price, in the segment of SUV cars Japanese SUV is the cheapest car.

The base Yaris is a LX platform, inherited from the previous model of the same brand Yaris L. the Size of the body is represented by a 4 meter length 160 mm, 1 m width 720 mm, height of 1 meter 520 mm, gap between the wheels 2 meters 550 mm.

External design the bodyshell of the new SUV has several distinctive characteristics from the donor model, the new massive grille in the form of hexagon, a new light optics head and tail lights, bumper with silver linings. The new model has increased ground clearance and the volume of the wheel arches.

Паркетник Toyota с ценой 12 600 долларов показал небывалые продажи

The interior is decorated with high quality materials, and includes upgraded multifunction dashboard and modern multimedia complex with a widescreen touchscreen. For interior decoration used high quality materials, seats with original covers with petrochimi.

Technically SUV Toyota Yaris LX is equipped with a naturally aspirated engine 7NR-FE with a volume of 1.5 litres with a capacity of 107 horsepower. Control speed mode occurs via a variable speed transmission Aisin. Available only with front-wheel drive cars.

The car is equipped with a wide set of functional modes, the driver offered the anti-lock function, start the engine with the button, the security system with 7 pillows, air conditioning and a wheel size of 16 inches.
In China, the car costs 12 $ 640.

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