Svetlana Loboda said she would never return to Russia


    Svetlana Loboda said that she would never return to Russia

    Now she is abroad with her daughters and is going on tour

    Svetlana Loboda gave an interview to Georgian journalist Noya Sulaberidze and admitted that she never will not return to Russia, although she was previously a “leading artist” there.

    The artist sharply condemned the war against Ukraine and admitted that her return to Russia was “out of the question.” In an interview, the singer also gave the full name of her youngest daughter for the first time. The girl's name, it turns out, is Matilda. Previously, she was simply called Tilda.

    “Matilda often asks me why we live in a different house, I tell her that we just travel the world, see different places, that I want her to meet different children. And somehow it calms her down, “said Loboda.

    The singer admitted that although she is glad to have the opportunity to spend more time with her daughters, it is very difficult for her to do without work. But she will not return to concerts in the Russian Federation, at least until the power changes there. While she is going to tour with charity concerts in Europe and the USA.

    “I don't even see the possibility of even thinking that I can return to Moscow and live in Russia. It's out of the question,” said Loboda.


    But her eldest daughter, 11-year-old Evangelina, asked to return to Russia, since it was there that she grew up.

    “Evangelina was very difficult to move. Children generally find it difficult to adapt to a new reality. I am very I talked a lot with her about this, explained why we can’t stay. She hears me, understands and supports me, but it’s very hard for her. She says: “Mom, I really miss my friends.” But I say that this is how our circumstances that we cannot and will not return,” Loboda said.

    Now Svetlana Loboda lives in Riga, where she brought her mother and sister. The singer's father remained in Kyiv. Recently, she came to Irpin and promised to restore a kindergarten there, destroyed by the Russian invaders.


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