Svetlana Tarabarova first showed the son (photos, video)

Светлана Тарабарова впервые показала сына (фото, видео)

Popular singer Svetlana Tarabarova, which is little more than a year ago for the first time became a mother for the first time showed the face of his son Ivan. The actress took the boy in his video for the atmospheric Christmas song “Pada SNG”.

Svetlana says that a small van like the father, producer Andrew Cooper eyes and dimples, but the nature of inherited mum’s.

Светлана Тарабарова впервые показала сына (фото, видео)

Светлана Тарабарова впервые показала сына (фото, видео)Perhaps, like any mother, I will say very simply that Ivan is a miracle, his smile makes me happy. He has his father’s eyes and dimpled cheeks, but my nose and character. There are many misconceptions about whether or not to show the baby’s face. My husband hesitated, but decided to happy chance: when I wrote a very warm Christmas song “Pada sing”, I immediately realized that the video on it, too, should be warm, family. And when it was heard by our son at once for the first time began to applaud, and the fate of the main character was instantly solved”, — said Tarabarova.

Светлана Тарабарова впервые показала сына (фото, видео)

With the baby Svetlana, introduced the clip in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” (“Ukraine”), wmilib wedenig. The clip was directed by Inna Grabar. In the Christmas video was used 280 metres of festive decor. In the video starred the singer’s husband, son and family friends. The clip includes archival photos and videos of the star couple.

the godmother of the singer TV presenter Solomiya of Witwicka.

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