Swimming competition on rubber women took place in Russia (video)


Rubber Woman Swimming Competition Held in Russia (Video)

More than 400 participants in an unusual tournament rafted down the river near St. Petersburg using sex dolls.

30 July in the village of Losevo near St. Petersburg, an unusual competition called Bubble Baba Challenge – 2022 was held. As part of the competition, more than four hundred people swam along the local river Vuoksa, Russian media reports.

Russian rubber swimming competition women (video)

A feature of this annual competition is that all participants in the swim use inflatable rubber “women” as vehicles.

Such dolls are popular with lovers of sex toys.

Rubber women swimming competition took place in Russia (video)

The organizers said that the competition was successful, and its main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

In Russia a swimming competition on rubber women took place (video)

It is worth noting that the motto of this event is the following expression: “A rubber woman is nothing more than a means of transportation.” In some pictures, not only rubber dolls are visible, but also inflatable male genitals.

In Russia rubber women swimming competition took place (video)

The water competition, which the organizers call the Bubble Baba Challenge summer festival, was first held in 2003. From 2012 to 2021, this swim was not held, and for the second year in a row, locals compete to see who is more skilled in using sex toys to float on the river.

Rubber woman swimming competition took place in Russia (video)

Focus already wrote that Russia banned the annual rubber woman swim in 2012 due to construction and repair work on the Vuoksa River.

As Focus wrote several years ago in Russia, a 45-year-old man died after winning a local pancake-eating contest.


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