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Switzerland has imagined a game of chance that pays more than Euromillions - you can play it from France

A new game with several million euros at stake. winning was imagined by the Swiss lottery. The French can participate and will be surprised.

Games of chance are legion in France: you only need to go to a tobacco shop or an FDJ point of sale to realize the great diversity of games of chance. proposed concepts. The two simplest and most popular are obviously the Loto and the Euromillions, which are based on a simple principle: you check 6 or 7 numbers and if these numbers make up the draw of the day , we win an extraordinary sum of money.

But the games business is like any other, a little bit of novelty; never hurts. And neither can attract new customers. It is around this reflection that the major Euromillions lottery companies have come together in recent years to imagine a new game, targeting the most youth. And the good idea came from Switzerland to design a new concept, with the key a jackpot of more than 7 million euros. the difference with the games already available existing? This sum will be distributed in the form of monthly payments!

As its director indicates to the newspaper Le Matin, "Loterie Romande has long experience in the creation and operating annuity games, our experience has been “determining in its design”. And to proudly add that "Loterie Romande is the initiator" of this new game of chance called; EuroDreams.

The game is played from Switzerland but also France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Austria and Luxembourg. It's at say all the countries of the "community" Euromillions”. But the principle is different: from a grid of 6 digits to coach, you don't win a gigantic sum with the jackpot, but an annuity. It's at say up to 20,000 euros per month for 30 years (or 22,222 Swiss francs). The game is coordinated by all lotteries and promoted in France by the Française des Jeux, which gives this new game of chance has great visibility.

The first draw is scheduled for November 6. And good news, it's easier to win at home. EuroDreams that'à the Euromillions. Andrew Algeo, boss of the Irish lottery, has done his calculations and is pleased to have won the Euromillions. to the press that "a EuroDreams grid has 7 times more chance of winning than a EuroMillions grid". In terms of probability, it's very clear indeed: there is only one chance in 139 million of winning the Euromillions jackpot and one chance in 13 to win a win, including your stake. For EuroDreams, there is a one in 19 million chance of winning the jackpot, but there is a one in 4.66 chance of winning.

It's statistical&nbsp ;: we will therefore gain more at agrave; the EuroDreams thatà the Euromillions. It will also be easier to win according to the probabilities than in the Loto (1 chance in 6). Note, however, that the Loto offers approximately the same chances of winning the jackpot (one chance in 19 million) for a jackpot ranging from 2 to 10 million. 15 million euros, with an average of 5 million euros.

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