Sylvain Lemieux will represent the Quebec Liberal Party in Côte-du-Sud


Sylvain Lemieux will represent the Quebec Liberal Party in Côte-du-Sud

Sylvain Lemieux will represent the Quebec Liberal Party in Côte-du-Sud

The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) will be represented by Pocatois entrepreneur Sylvain Lemieux in the riding of Côte-du-Sud in the provincial elections on October 3. In the last election, the candidate was a volunteer for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and he has already openly criticized the health reforms made under the former Liberal government.

L' businessman, among other founders of associations such as the Quebec Federation of Quad Clubs and the All-Terrain Vehicles Club, will try to wrest this riding from CAQ MP Marie-Eve Proulx.

It was the decision to create a faculty of veterinary medicine in Rimouski rather than La Pocatière that prompted him to run. He also says that we must review the way public funds are managed.

I am in business, but I wanted to be free. I want to run to administer Quebec as we administer our private companies. Everyone here has private companies, but it's funny when you get to government, it's administered differently. Can we change that? , asks the Liberal candidate.

Mr. Lemieux affirms that what explains his change of camp between the CAQ and the PLQ is the absence of changes from the Coalition avenir Québec.

The candidate of the PLQ in Côte-du-Sud, Sylvain Lemieux, accompanied by the leader of his party, Dominique Anglade< /p>

The leader of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade, continued her announcements of candidates in Bas-Saint-Laurent, while she was present this afternoon during the appointment of Sylvain Lemieux. Yesterday, she was in Rimouski for the announcement of the candidacy of Claude Laroche.

The party leader said she was convinced that Sylvain Lemieux is the kind of candidate who could allow the PLQ to make a breakthrough in the regions of Quebec, whereas it is historically more popular on the island of Montreal.

It is this type of candidate that is anchored in the region, who understands what is happening with very concrete issues and who is able to not only understand them, but also to defend them in Quebec and to really wear the colors of Côte-du-Sud, underlined Dominique Anglade about Sylvain Lemieux.

Ms. Anglade also confirmed that if her party formed the next government, there would be a commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic.

With information from Patrick Bergeron


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