Taken from life. A man gave his sick mother to an old people's home. After one visit to her, he sat down on a bench and cried

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This grim story touched me deeply and I decided to share it with you so that you, too, can think about and appreciate every moment spent with your parents.

Real life. The man gave his sick mother to the old people's home. After one visit to her, he sat on the bench and cried< /p>

One day I was coming home from work and I saw a neighbor on the porch who was sitting on a bench and crying. A middle-aged man, not hiding his tears, sat looking at one point, it was clear that he had some regret in his heart.

I went over and asked if I could help him with something, to which he replied: “No one can help meóI will live with this until the end of my days, there is no forgiveness for me”. The man told me about his grief, which was eating him up inside and wouldn't let him rest.

In the hospital, from which he has just returned, lies his mother, whose health has recently deteriorated, but he is unable to help her. It's not about the funds, he's a wealthy man and earns well, it's just that his mother is old and all the diseases are kicking in.

Once, about five years ago, he sent his mother to a nursing home because due to work, he couldn't take care of her. It wasn't that his mother was clumsy, she just couldn't walk well for her age and he had to constantly bring her groceries home.

At one point, it occurred to him that it would be more convenient for him to send her to a nursing home so that she would be provided with appropriate assistance. At least that was what he thought was more comfortable to keep his conscience clear.

He ran out of time for his ailing mother, so he put her in a retirement home

The man works as a manager in a large concern and due to his professional duties he is forced to spend a lot of time at work. He occasionally visited his mother in the nursing home, although he made time for socializing and entertainment.

He received a phone call this morning, a woman's voice said that his mother was in the hospital and very ill, and asked him to come over. The man immediately approached her. For the last year he never visited her, he was so ashamed, tears came to his eyes…

When he entered the hospital room, he saw his mother, who was lying on the bed, breathing heavily.

– Hi Mom – he said quietly;

“Hello son,” the woman whispered.

Her appearance was very painful, her breathing was gasping, and her complexion was as if dead. Turning to her son, she asked him to listen to her without interrupting, because it was very difficult for her to speak. The words she said to her son will remain in his memory forever, he will not forget these words for the rest of his life:

“Son, don't be angry that I didn't tell you about my illness, you just have a lot of work to do and I didn't want to disturb you. The doctors, of course, are silent, but I understand that I don't have much time left, so I asked them to call you. It's time to say goodbye. I just wanted to see you and make sure you're okay because I haven't seen you for so long.

I'm not afraid, I'm used to being alone, I'm just worried for you so you never experience it. I want your children to always take care of you.

It's just a pity that I won't see it again, I won't see my grandchildren, their joyful laughter, as they grow up. Please don't hesitate, get married, start a family, because family is the most important thing in life and I want…” – here she stopped because her condition worsened and her son ran to call the doctor.

The woman never recovered, the doctors don't promise anything, they just say: please be of good cheer and come back here more often, because misses you very much.

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