Taken from life. A woman heard a baby cry. When she found the source of the sound, she discovered it was a dumpster

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Krystyna found out about her pregnancy only when the fourth month had passed and her belly had grown a bit.

Real life. A woman heard a baby crying. When she found the source of the sound, she discovered it was a trash can

Just after she informed everyone about pregnant, she lost contact with her beloved. The man simply stated that he did not believe it was his child, although Krystyna argued that apart from him, she had not seen any of the men in the last six months, except for relatives. She didn't know what she would do without her boyfriend because even her parents didn't know she was pregnant, she was afraid to tell them.

The dark choice of a single mother

Everything in the girl's life began to fall apart at this point and she realized that the closer she got to giving birth, the more problems in her life. She didn't even want to go to the doctor because she knew she would have to take the time to do some research and visit the hospital regularly.

Every month, Krystyna's housing debt grew steadily and in the third month it was decided to evict her, so the girl just had to move to a hostel, and there she met not very good company with whom she started drinking regularly, so it was easier for her to bear the stress during pregnancy. The baby she was carrying most likely couldn't understand why his mother started crying so much and was in a very bad mood all the time.

Krystyna suddenly felt that she was in premature labor and was released shortly after then.

At the time it was February outside and the weather was right for it. Krystyna just went crying among the dumpsters in some alley, threw the baby in one of them, and then just walked in an unknown direction so that no one would notice.

The baby started crying very loudly, and the people who Those who had windows facing the trash cans started turning on the lights in their homes. At that time, the spouses in the same apartment began to talk very loudly about children.

You know that we will never be able to have a child! I even went to the doctor who confirmed all this and said that I was infertile, but I want to raise a child! the woman shouted.

Stop crying, some people manage to live without children, so can we! Happiness is not only in children! — said the husband to his wife.

Lots of people had gathered in the street, but suddenly one of the women looked into the basket and noticed the newborn, which she immediately grabbed and hid under her jacket. When the baby finally warmed up, stopped crying, the woman most likely took the baby home.