Taken from life. After years of hard work, I bought my son an apartment. Now his wife is arguing with him because she wants to sell them

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“Even when my son was five years old, I decided that I would save money for his apartment.

Real life. After years of hard work, I bought my son a flat. Now his wife is arguing with him because she wants to sell it

Then I started taking all sorts of part-time jobs to save money. And I did! I managed to buy a flat in a pretty decent neighborhood in our city.

I didn't think this generous gift would become a bone of contention

Then I renovated the apartment and gave my son the keys to the apartment on the eighteenth birthday. Then I told him that he is now a grown man and now has his own apartment, so he can not worry that he will have to live with his girlfriend in my apartment.

My son, of course, thanked me very much for such a gift . The apartment, however, was unused for quite a long time, but the son did not think about renting it to someone, because he felt sorry for all the renovations.

Then the son turned twenty-three and began dating the girl Ola. Their relationship was gaining momentum so quickly that Ola soon became pregnant. They legalized their relationship and moved into their son's apartment. When the child turned two years old, the daughter-in-law began to talk very often about the need to sell this apartment. Although there was enough space in the apartment for a family, the girl wanted to live closer to her parents.

It was too difficult for her mother to get to the children to look after her granddaughter. Then my son told my wife that he needed to talk to me because I had worked so hard for so many years to buy this flat”.

Personally, I am against it because I worked hard to buy this flat for own son. Currently, the apartment is owned by my son. If you sell it and buy another, it will be joint property, to be divided in the event of a possible divorce.

So if Ola wants to buy a flat closer to her parents, I see no obstacles, provided that will earn it. Currently, the son and daughter-in-law are arguing about this because my child has great respect for the mother's hard work.

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