Taken from life. Everyone takes the children from the orphanage. I decided to take someone's grandma out of the nursing home

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None of my friends and neighbors approved of my actions.

Real life. Everyone takes children from an orphanage. I decided to take someone's grandma from a nursing home

Everyone as one man tapped their foreheads, saying: now is a difficult time, and you took a freeloader to your home anyway! But I'm sure not, I know! I'm doing the right thing. There used to be four of us: me, two daughters and my mother. Unfortunately, 8 months ago my mother passed away and there are three of us. During these months, my daughters and I realized that we still have a lot of energy and time that we can spend on helping other people.

My decision was right. The house regained what it lost after my mother died

Since high school, I had a close friend who, until the age of 30, instead of building a family and career, simply got drunk. The saddest thing is that he used to extort his mother's pension for drinking. When she stopped giving it, he simply gave it to a nursing home, taking it and drinking it through her apartment by some scam.

I've known Aunt Zosia since childhood, just as she knew me. Once a month, my daughters and I visited her and brought various delicacies. My daughters reacted very positively to my idea, and the youngest, who is now 4.5 years old, shouted happily: “Hooray, we will have a grandmother again!!!”

However, you can't even imagine how Aunt Zosia was delighted with my proposal! She cried for so long with joy that she had to be given a sedative. It's been almost 2 months since Zosia and I live in perfect harmony. We all love her and she loves us.

In all this, we just can't understand how a grandma who is now in her eighth decade has so much energy. After all, he gets up every day at 6 am, and we wake up with the smell of freshly baked pancakes or pancakes. It's home, family and cozy with our grandma, so what kind of freeloader can she be?

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