Taken from life. Fate forced us to live with my husband's mother. She decided to assign us a place in the fridge and then ate everything

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As soon as we moved in together, my mother-in-law demanded that we separate the shelves in the fridge.

Real life. Fate forced us to live with my husband's mother. She decided to give us a place in the fridge, and then ate everything

But then she started eating our food herself. When I caught her in the act, she started crying that her pension wasn't enough for everything. So why did she ask for this split in the first place?

It's unbelievable!

We did not plan to live with the mother-in-law. We knew that living with my parents would have a negative impact on our relationship. I didn't have much contact with my relatives. She didn't even come home for Christmas. We couldn't even talk normally for an hour or two, so living together was out of the question.

There were no conflicts with the mother-in-law. Probably because we lived separately. Our paths crossed only on holidays, which was conducive to a family idyll. However, six months ago, everything changed. My husband was laid off and we realized we couldn't afford to rent an apartment. We discussed everything and decided to move in with our mother-in-law and set aside some money for a mortgage.

I don't know why my mother-in-law came up with this idea, but she didn't say no to us. We tried not to upset her too much. However, there were still problems. My husband's mother started a kind of crusade against me, and she started with the division of space in the fridge. She requested that we keep our products on a different shelf from her purchases. Strange, because we bought everything, but I was too tired to discuss it with her.

No logic in her mother-in-law's behavior. Is it dementia?

Soon I started noticing that the food was disappearing. It's the sausage that's gone somewhere, then the yogurt. I did not make any claims to my mother-in-law, because I did not feel sorry for the food. However, one day I noticed him cutting off a piece of cheese and half a stick of sausage that were for guests – I was planning to make hot sandwiches. I was silent, only now did my mother-in-law attack.

– Well, because I have a meager pension! I can't afford these products. You eat alone and don't even think about sharing – the mother-in-law started screaming.

“You yourself wanted separate shelves in the fridge” — the husband joked, but the mother ignored his words.

She even shed a tear and defiantly pushed the plate of sandwiches away from her. Why should I put up with such antics? Where's my fault? She decided to distribute non-her products among us, to later call us cunning. No one forced her to eat our food, much less reproached her for it.

My mother-in-law hasn't spoken to us for several days. He eats dry noodles and sighs defiantly when I cook something meaty. So what is she up to? Is it old madness? However, maybe a warning that it's time to move out?

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