Taken from life. “Forget about getting married mom, you have grandchildren to look after.” Daughters did not allow their mother to get married

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Mom! Instead of retiring and entertaining your grandkids, you want to get married? What are you doing!

Real life.

What about me and my sister should we tell friends who will ask about our mom? Maria's sister, Kasia, was also angry with her mother.

“You know that when I get married, nothing will change in our relationship! I won't have to work anymore, because I ;his beloved has a good income, and I will have a pension! I still plan to leave you an apartment” – Natalia told her daughters to calm them down a bit.

The sisters panicked when their mother revealed her plans

As soon as Maria finished school, her parents paid for their daughter's education at a good university, where she really wanted to study, but when the eldest daughter was already twenty-three years old, something terrible happened. Their father died because he was seriously ill, and Natalia suffered from depression for a long time after his death, because she did not want to accept the fact that her husband was dead. At that time, Maria and Kasia supported her mother all the time, and then, over time, she began to distance herself from her.

Almost at the same time, the sisters divorced their husbands, remaining single mothers raising their children. They had to move back in with their mother. From that moment, almost all care of the grandchildren fell to Natalia.

So when the sisters heard the news about their mother's matrimonial plans, they were furious knowing that their idyllic and carefree job would soon come to an end. They lashed out at Natalia, shouting in her face that at her age, only her grandchildren should bother her.

She didn't let her happiness be ruined

They also resented their mother that she was involved with another man. Maria even claimed that their mother had cheated on her late father. Natalia did not succumb to pressure from her daughters, who in panic did everything to discourage her mother from getting married. When the time came, she packed her things and moved into the house, which she and her fiancé had already invested in.

She kept her word and left her daughters an apartment. However, this was not what they expected, but the continued presence of their mother as a free nanny, housekeeper, cook and cleaner. Meanwhile, Natalia admits that she is happy again and can visit her daughters and grandchildren from time to time. However, young mothers are not satisfied with the visit alone…

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