Taken from life. Grandma asked me for help. I decided to buy her products. Then I regretted it

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On the eve of last New Year's Eve, on the eve of the holiday, I had a fight with my beloved, all over some pure nonsense.

Real life. Grandma asked me for help. I decided to buy her products. Then I regretted it

All the girls left with their boyfriends to celebrate the New Year in all directions .

I had no relatives in Warsaw, which meant that I would celebrate Christmas alone. There was absolutely no mood. I thought I'd watch a movie first and then go to bed.

However, on the evening of December 31, I suddenly wanted to celebrate as expected. Celebrate the New Year with salads and tangerines, as tradition requires.

Quickly getting ready, I ran to the nearest supermarket to get what I needed.
So, having put everything I needed in my basket, I went to fruit display cases to pineapple tangerines.

Suddenly, my grandmother came up to me and asked me to weigh her an orange or two

I weighed them and gave her the bag while I was about to go to the checkout myself. Grandma shuffled behind me and told her story on the way to the cash register. That her children had abandoned her. Nobody helps. Her pension is small, because she does not have enough experience, she had to take care of her sick grandmother. My husband left, there was no one to leave the children at home with.

I felt sorry for my grandmother and decided to make her a New Year's present, I collected a complete package of the best products.

Walking up to the register, I paid for groceries and groceries for my grandma, but then the cashier, shaking her head, said I was trying in vain. This grandma is not a poor old lady who can't afford Christmas goodies. This old woman, according to the cashier, likes to drink and supports her alcoholic son.

And this is how she earns a bottle for herself and her son. He tells a pathetic story, asks the donor for a check. Apparently, if something is loaded, it will understand. People don't hesitate to give her a receipt, and when they leave the store, she quickly returns and returns all the products bought for her with the receipt and collects the money.

It's her way of earning money. I looked back at the old woman, but there was no sign of her. I took my bags and went home. How to help next time after such stories? Because of such old women, next time there will be no desire to help someone, although maybe someone really needs to be helped with money or food.

Write your opinion, what would you do if you met such an old woman in a shop?

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