Taken from life. “How could you? You left your parents without an apartment. What are we supposed to do now?”

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Sonia was still asleep on her first real day off when the phone rang.

Real life.

When she set the “Do Not Disturb”, it meant parent in…

– Yes? Hello? Hi! Is something wrong with you?

– Are you asleep? At 10 am?!

– Mom, I'm off! What happened?

“yróyr father and I were puzzled over this and decided that we would be comfortable living in the city. Fresh air and quiet are great, but the city is comfort. So here we come. We should be with you on Monday.

– Wait! Want to move into my apartment?

– Well, where else? Don't forget we gave you our money to buy this apartment!

– First, only half. Secondly, I've already said a hundred times that I'm grateful to you for that. But this is my apartment.

– Sonia, don't act like an offended child. You will like the house. Quiet and close to work. You love living here.

Sonia sighed wearily. It's the same every year. She stopped fighting long ago.

– Okay, do what you want.

– Very good. Then we'll come tomorrow with our things. Come get us!

Sonia moved to her parents' house and they moved to her apartment. It was really more convenient for her – closer to work, no one bothers to take an interest in your life.

Yes, winter will be hard work, but now it's autumn and she didn't want to think about winter hardships.< /p>

In October, Sonia's parents called her with the following message:

– Piotrek is coming to us with the whole family.

Piotr has always been an example to Sonia – good job , family, good earnings – everything they thought Sonia lacked.

I'm sure he's back from some other trip and will simply drop his kids off with his parents and go somewhere else with his wife.

– Generally speaking, we have to go home. For two weeks. With grandchildren, you understand, the apartment, and especially the one-room apartment, will be crowded for us. Then get ready to go back to your apartment!

– I can't. I'm used to this house. We made an appointment until spring. That's why I'm staying here
– Don't be stupid! Father said gruffly. – Have mercy on me and your mother – we can't be in an apartment with two morons. Collect things!

Sonia was depressed but couldn't resist. She packed her few belongings and moved back to her apartment after three days.

She didn't even see Piotr, he had already left. This time he was without his super-wife for some reason.

The girl came to the apartment and did not recognize him. No, everything was old. Only rearranged. And somehow dirty everywhere. Like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. He won't tell his parents anything about it. It's just a waste of energy.

After almost three weeks of living in the apartment, Sonia received a move notice again:

Piotr will be coming to pick up the kids soon, so get ready to move home. We're going back to the city, because it's closer to the doctors.

To the surprise of her father and mother, Sonia didn't even protest. She calmly agreed, only asking for three days to pack.

When it was time to move, the parents tried to open the door to their daughter's apartment with their many belongings.

Surprised that the key did not fit, they dialed Sonia's number.

– I don't know what is wrong with your keys. Maybe you were wrong? Try calling…

– What? Are you at home?

– I'm at work. But try.

Not understanding anything, my father rang the doorbell. Imagine the surprise when a young man appeared in the open door.

– Hello. Are you Sonia's parents? Excellent. She asked me to give you something.

With these words, the young man handed an ordinary postal envelope to his nervous mother. The door to the apartment closed immediately. Inside the envelope was a brief note:

“I rented an apartment to someone. You will not be able to live in it.
You must return to the cottage. And don't forget to check the gas heating and the well before frost!”

After reading the letter three times, the parents could not understand its meaning. In search of answers, they called Sonia again:

– What did you do? You deprived your parents of a place to live!
– No, this is my apartment. Yes, I know you gave them to me. I know how hard it was. But this is my apartment. And I can use it however I want. So I decided to rent them.

What do you mean “I decided”? Why didn't you consult us?

– Why should I?

– Because we wanted to live in this apartment! You don't put us in your plans at all? Evacuate the tenant immediately and give us the keys to the apartment!

– No! The apartment is mine. I give up. What do you do if you don't want to live in the country – it's up to you.

– Wait, where do you live?

– I live with my friend.

– Friend? Have you taken a lover?

– It's been two years. And he's not a lover. True, in these two years you never asked me about my personal life. Okay, time for me to go to work. Good luck in the winter!

The parents scolded their daughter for a long time, sitting in their house among the empty neighboring plots. They couldn't believe that Sonia “had betrayed them so much”.
Asking for her son's help, they hoped to find a flat in the city quickly – they liked the house less and less with each drop in temperature.

But Boris couldn't help them. Moreover, he upset his parents even more – he divorced and the children stayed with their mother.

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