Taken from life. I actively helped my daughter with the children. When I needed help myself, my son-in-law refused

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I always helped my daughter and grandchildren, but when I needed help, my son-in-law surprised me with his answer.

Real life. I actively helped my daughter with the children. When I needed help myself, my son-in-law refused

My daughter Julia is 32 years old. She has been married to Igor for 8 years. They live separately and raise their daughter. I have been most diligently involved in the lives of my granddaughters since the first day they were born.

I was at every call, I felt needed

The age difference between the girls is only a year. Therefore, for a few months, I took care of the older one, while my daughter was preparing for the birth of her second child. I used to go to work with them. I was constantly running around the shops to buy the children everything they needed. In addition, I struggled with cleaning and cooking. The granddaughters had different sleep patterns: one fell asleep, the other woke up – and vice versa.

You can imagine how embarrassing this was for us. The girls have grown up, but my daughter can call me at any time and say: “Mom, help me, I can't do it” – and I rush to them immediately.

I have a lot of problems myself though. My husband and I have a house in the country, we took care of it from an early age. One thing is certain, over the years our strength has decreased and today the garden is overgrown with grass. To make matters worse, my husband had a shot in his back, so the doctor advised him to stay in bed for a few weeks, followed immediately by a complete ban on heavy physical work.

Once I needed their help. I was bitterly disappointed

Even when I persuaded my daughter to come here in the summer, my son-in-law found excuses every time. As a result, he explicitly stated that he did not want to participate in farming activities: “Well, it's not mine”.

This year, for the first time, I personally asked him for a favor. I explained the situation, said I had no one else to help me. When he kept refusing and evading, I couldn't take it anymore… I reminded him how many times I'd come to them on call, take care of their children, wash their clothes and cook their meals. I hoped it would motivate him, but it didn't – they were both offended.

Although I miss my grandchildren, my daughter no longer calls for me and does not call for children. I now have the opportunity to plan care for my husband and work in the countryside more effectively. Well, the neighbors offered to help in exchange for what they thought was a delicious dinner.

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