Taken from life. I bought a dishwasher with my last money. I had no other choice. My husband's reaction surprised me

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Wanda washed the dishes and cursed in her mind.

Real life. I bought a dishwasher with my last money. I had no other choice. My husband's reaction surprised me

Everyone loves to celebrate, but no one is eager to help after the party. She argued with her husband, tried to get him to work, and all she heard was: “Why did I marry you? Shall I clear the table and wash the dishes myself?”

Wanda was offended by her husband's joke. She looked at her hands and sighed heavily. They hurt and itched no matter what she did. Gloves didn't help much either, so the woman went to the doctor.

She decided to make her life easier. She was not accepted by her husband

She was diagnosed with complicated dermatitis. The doctor forbade her to wash the dishes and use any chemicals. At least a month or two until the skin regenerates. She underwent a thorough treatment that could not be put off any longer.

When Wanda told her husband everything, she suggested that she and her son draw up a schedule: who washes the dishes and when. Initially, no one protested, but after a few days the household members began to shirk their duties. They put the dishes away for the evening, then for the morning … That's how it accumulated. Wanda had to deal with the dirty dishes by herself despite the pain.

Wanda took out all the money she had recently accumulated and realized that this amount would be enough for the simplest dishwasher. In one day she chose, bought and found a professional who quickly connected the equipment. At that moment, she was ready to squeal with joy. The problem seems to be gone.

– What is this? the husband barked angrily, returning from work.

Dishwasher – Wanda replied.

– How much did you give?

– 2.5000. We need it!

– Us?! shouted the husband

– You, we need a new TV. You, Wanda, do everything as you want. What's this dishwasher for? Does your mom have it? Did grandma have? In her youth, there was not even hot water, she washes dishes with soap in bowls. And you know, there was no dermatitis. It seems you made an appointment with the doctor specifically to avoid work.

Wanda was offended. Of course, the husband doesn't want to pay for the dishwasher because he thinks he's married a free one…

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