Taken from life. I came back after 10 years of working abroad. I sent my son money regularly and now I regret it

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Ten years ago, after divorcing my husband, I went to visit a friend in Italy to forget and earn extra money.

Real life. I came back after 10 years of working abroad. I regularly sent money to my son, and now I regret it

Turns out I stayed for many years. During this time, the son got married and had children. We communicated via video all the time, I was sending them half a thousand euros a month.

Finally, for the first time in ten years, I came home with my earnings. In Italy I did massages, I took care of an elderly woman. How glad I was that it was over! How happy I was when I hugged my son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, whom I saw for the first time.

My joy after returning lasted less than it should

Thanks to the money I earned , their apartment has undergone a real renovation. They have a two-room apartment in an old tenement house, but it is now luxurious after renovation.

I praised the children and then told them about my plans for the future. I said that I would buy an apartment for myself, because I came back, of course, not empty-handed. They found out that I still dream about arranging my personal life, because for several years I have been communicating remotely with a former classmate who is also divorced. Can we get something? However, the children were not happy with this news.

It turned out that they thought that I had brought them money and that they would buy themselves and their children a bigger, three-room apartment and would be able to stay at home without gainful employment. Can you imagine? During all these years neither son nor daughter-in-law worked, but lived off the money I sent.

My son did not take me under his roof even for a while

Still they were going to sit on unemployment, that was their plan for life. I was thinking of living with them for a while and redecorating my old one-room apartment to sell it better. Unfortunately, my son decided otherwise … Now I live in my apartment and at the same time I do repairs. Meanwhile, Jan, whom I have been seeing for a month, is looking for a bigger apartment. Unfortunately, I rarely communicate with children. It is a pity that I see my grandchildren so rarely.

Meanwhile, I think that the situation will change soon, because yesterday my daughter-in-law called and asked me to look after the children, because she is going to an interview, my son is also looking for a job. Finally! But don't let them think that since they both go to work, I'll let them tie me down to their children! I have my Jan and I'm starting a new chapter in my life!

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