Taken from life. I found my underwear in the trash can. Mother-in-law has interfered in our lives for the last time.

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Your spouse's mother enters our lives. She was the one who looked through my underwear and threw away half of it, thinking it was too old!

Real life. I found my underwear in the trash can. Mother-in-law interfered in our lives for the last time.

Somehow my husband's mom decided to clean up my closet. One day, my husband and I left home for three weeks. My mother-in-law has agreed to come over to tend to the plants and look after the apartment.

I wasn't worried about the apartment then, because it was in the safe hands of my spouse's mother. We came back after a few weeks. The mother-in-law told us that everything was fine and she was doing even better than before. I didn't think about this statement at the time.

When I saw how thoroughly my mother-in-law took care of our apartment, I was furious

I entered the apartment, put my luggage away to be unpacked for later and went to the shower. After showering, I entered the bedroom and saw that not everything was as I had left it. The rest of the rooms were unchanged. I opened the closet to get things, but not everything was in its place. My stuff is gone!

When I found a lot of my underwear in the dumpster, I immediately called my husband's mom to find out what it meant and why she was going through my closets and drawers!

– I sorted your underwear and sheets. I threw away the old ones, and the rest is where it was – said the mother-in-law. As it turned out, the mother-in-law decided to check the conditions in which I “keep” her son and throw away all the things she would not use at home herself.

She looked through all the wardrobes with clothes, sheets and pillowcases and threw away a large part what I collected! I am furious because I got many of the pillowcases from my mother, who received them from her mother! Three generations used good quality bedding and this woman came and just threw them away!

Neither are my Christmas tablecloths that I got from my grandma on my dad's side! They were a family heirloom that accompanied us for several generations! I found one of them under the bathtub. My mother-in-law made a floor rag out of it!

When I showed it all to my husband, he turned pale because he knew how much I cared for these memorabilia and how important they were to me. He immediately called his mother for an interview and reprimanded her for violating our privacy and destroying other people's family heirlooms so shamefully.

The indignant mother-in-law stated that she could not allow her son to use such old things. She added that if she had to, she would do it again, and he would thank her for it someday. The husband thanked his mum for keeping our flowers alive and added that he was waiting for all the discarded and damaged items by the end of the week – I don't know how you will do it, but everything should be returned to its place intact! – shouted the husband, pushing his own mother out the door.

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