Taken from life. I found out that my husband and I rent an apartment from his mother and pay the full price

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For two years of marriage, I thought we were simply renting an apartment from some aunt, and then suddenly it turned out that not from any, but from my husband's mother.

Full life. I found out that my husband and I rent an apartment from his mother and we pay full price

I thought it was hard to surprise me but my husband did it perfectly. We got married two years ago. Neither I nor he had our own apartment. When I arrived, I rented an apartment with a friend, he, although a local, also rented an apartment. His mother lived in a studio apartment with her second husband, and an adult son would clearly be redundant there.

When his mother remarried, she changed her last name. It was confusing

When we decided to get married, I moved into my husband's house. The apartment was in a good neighborhood but the condition itself needed some cosmetic repairs. There was a “grandma” version, the furniture was outdated too. However, I didn't want to do something in a rented apartment. I was thinking about saving for a mortgage. It's much easier to give money when you know you're paying for your apartment.

In the meantime, we were unable to save money, my husband and I had average salaries, and the lion's share of our earnings was consumed by rents.

We lived peacefully, my relatives in another city, my mother-in-law did not interfere with us. We had a great relationship with her. She didn't try to lecture me, she didn't flood her son with pity, she didn't demand attention. She had her own busy life that suited everyone. We saw each other mainly during holidays during family celebrations.

My husband took care of all matters with the apartment, I was not involved in it at all. The maximum you can collect receipts from the mailbox. Riding the elevator, I looked at them, then I liked it very much and remembered the name of the hostess – Janina Kozłowska.

For two years we lived in an apartment, ostensibly renting it, until I accidentally found out about a very interesting detail. That the apartment is rented to us by my husband's mother. This information came completely by surprise.

We were invited to my mother-in-law's husband's birthday party. We sat at the table, we talked, she asked how my family was doing. They met at a wedding and now the mother-in-law periodically inquired about their affairs.

Isn't your sister still married? It seems she intended, her husband's mother asked.

“No, they have a prolonged feud with their fiancé over the last name,” I laughed. – He doesn't like his future surname, he doesn't want to take it. And the groom says that everyone in the family should have one surname. It's disrespectful if the bride keeps her last name.

Michael said he fully supports my sister's fiancé and would be offended if I refused to take his last name. I shrugged, that would be cause for an argument, the name is nothing.

– Don't tell me – mother-in-law shook her head. – I also did not change my last name with my first husband, because it was unnecessary. I was working at a music school at the time, and the teacher's name was announced at all concerts. Why should I listen to an unpleasant name again? I immediately told my husband that I and the children would be under my last name. And nothing, he survived. I changed my last name in my second marriage. However, there is a difference – either Pelka or Kozłowska.

I nodded, there really is a difference. Her husband's current surname sounds much better. And then I remembered where I had heard that beautiful name before.

I didn't say anything at dinner, I was afraid to look like a fool who had mixed everything up and made an unexpected affair. We arrived home, I looked at the name on the receipt, made sure I was right and went to my husband to arrange everything.

He didn't deny it, he said yes, the apartment belongs to his mother, but not to me cheated, the money actually goes to her. They had such an agreement as soon as he moved into this apartment. I couldn't imagine it – what's it like to rent an apartment to your own son?

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