Taken from life. I have a problem with my son. I try, I give her advice, and she tells me to go back to myself

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I always traditionally celebrated the New Year with friends, but it so happened that this New Year they went to their relatives.

Real life. I have a problem with my daughter-in-law. I try, I give her advice, and she tells me to come back to myself

And I was alone. Well, I decided to celebrate alone. But then my son found out that I would be celebrating alone and invited me to celebrate with him. I immediately refused, but then I decided to agree – says Natalia.

Natalia's son inherited a one-room apartment, he immediately moved in there, but when he got married and a child appeared in his family, they needed a bigger apartment. Then young people took a three-room apartment on a mortgage and started renting out a studio apartment to people to pay off the mortgage with this money. Well, in a short time, another child appeared in their young family.

She did not expect such a reception at her son's house

Here is Natalia's daughter-in-law, a very characteristic woman, when her mother-in-law began to give her advice, the daughter-in-law categorically refused to listen to her, saying that she acts as she thinks, and he listens to the maximum advice of his own mother.

But there is a lot of indignation in my daughter-in-law! She is always dissatisfied with something. Recently she told me that I don't give gifts, only crap!

Her daughter-in-law Ola has a negative attitude towards all Natalia's gifts, she is always unhappy: either she already had them, or they were too cheap, or she could have given something better. But there is a joke: when Ola's parents give such gifts, she is happy and doesn't tell them anything. And due to the bad attitude towards Natalia's gifts, she even started teaching children.

Here, the mother-in-law tries to pretend that she does not see such an attitude of her daughter-in-law and her children. By the way, Ola always gives her children only to their mother, and this is extremely rare. Despite such antics, Natalia still gives gifts to her son and his children.

I then thought, does my daughter-in-law know about her husband's decision? He treats me negatively. But then I asked my son if his wife knew that I would celebrate the New Year with them, the son assured me that the daughter-in-law was even in favor of such a proposal. I was calm then! Well, on December 31… my son came to pick me up and took me home.

Then, as soon as I arrived, I gave everyone the gifts I had bought earlier. But then I saw what a mess my kids had at home, and not a single dish was ready, and there were only a few hours left until New Year's. Then Ola assured me that they had ordered food and it should be delivered soon, and that she would clean up later because she was very tired after work.

Natalia didn't want to sit and wait, so she took a rag and started wiping the shelves in the house. And her son was washing dishes in the kitchen. Somehow I couldn't believe that Ola was so tired at work. Then I burst out and called her lazy! – says Natalia.

Before cleaning, Natalia asked her grandson to help her clean, he agreed but still sat in his room playing on the computer. When the mother-in-law saw that the grandson did not come to her aid, she went to the grandson's room and started shouting at him. Then Ola also came running and started telling her mother-in-law that in their house she is not the lady who manages everyone.

I was very surprised then! How she allowed herself to say something in my direction, because I started cleaning the apartment after her. After a few minutes, the son also ran into their room and immediately began asking why they were arguing. But the mother-in-law decided not to tell anyone, but quietly gathered her things and left their house.

While at home, she made herself a New Year's salad and welcomed the New Year in her company. After thinking about the situation, Natalia decided to completely disinherit her son and his family.

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