Taken from life. I was 5 when my mother left me at the store. I just asked for food and she yelled at me

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Mom left me at the store when I was 5…

Real life. I was 5 years old when my mother left me I just asked for food and she yelled at me

Now everything is behind me – I am a happy mother and a loving wife. However, there was a time when I felt like in the abyss. I wish I could forget my childhood, erase all the moments from my memory, but I can't.

This trauma affects me to this day

Dad left me right after I was born. My mom left me at the store when I was 5. I asked for food and she got angry and yelled at me. She looked at me with such hatred that words could not be found, and then she said: “You ruined everything. I hate you!”

She put me in a chair and told me to wait. She didn't come back for me after an hour or two. The stranger gave me a bun and supported me. She adopted me two years later.

I ate and cried. It was the last time I ate a roll with poppy seeds, since then I associate it with betrayal.

Life in the new family was like in a fairy tale. Even in the shelter I had a better life than with my own mother. I believed that I would soon be taken to my family, which I did.

By the way, my mother visited me at the orphanage. She didn't apologize, she continued to spread emotional rot and humiliate me. Mom said I ruined her career, love, crossed out all her plans. She didn't want to give birth to me, so she did. She repeated several times that I should thank her for life, and not hold stupid grudges and regrets in my heart.

She expected me to say “thank you”, but then I didn't understand anything. I begged her to take me home. Now that I've become an adult and successful, I want to thank you for teaching me to appreciate a normal family. I wouldn't have grown up to be a responsible and happy person with her. It gave me the opportunity to live with wonderful people who loved and protected me.