Taken from life. I'm supposed to give my daughter-in-law money every time I want to see my grandson. The son knows about it, but does nothing

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The son is not divorced, lives with his beloved Oleńka, but has absolutely nothing to say …

Real life. give money to my daughter-in-law every time I want to see my grandson. My son knows about it, but does nothing

My daughter-in-law makes a condition before each visit about how much money I have to take with me in order to be able to to see his grandson.

They got married two years ago. I didn't like this lady. Her eyes are jealous, her hands are outstretched for someone else's. Almost immediately she got the idea that I should sell my three-room apartment and give them half of the money to buy their own place.

We argued with her about it, because firstly, I also have a daughter, and secondly, why would I change my apartment for the sake of my daughter-in-law? The children received an education, a start in life, and let them take care of the rest, because once my husband and I tried for everything ourselves.

My son didn't let out a breath when his wife insulted me

The daughter is not married yet, she works, she took a mortgage on a flat. She used to live with me and rented an apartment to make it easier to pay, but now she lives separately. The son does not analyze anything himself and does not make decisions, he looks at his wife's lips, and she is a greedy woman – she does not want to live with me, come alone, live in a rented apartment, you have to give her her own apartment.

The prospect of sharing an apartment with her doesn't excite me, but I'd go for it so they could put it down for a down payment. And I'm not going to sell anything. When I'm gone, the children will inherit half of the apartment, let them take care of it themselves.

I explained it all to my daughter-in-law, without any embarrassment, I didn't mince words. Well, she's not shy. She said it was immoral for me to live alone in a three-room apartment. I asked my son to point out his naughty wife but he just mumbled something unintelligible.

Then things got worse because my daughter-in-law threatened not to let me inside to see my grandson if I didn't I'll have a nice enough present with me, or the right amount of gift money.

He didn't support me, but he didn't silence his wife either. Since then, I have not kept in touch with them, because I do not have the slightest desire to take part in another story about a bad mother-in-law or a bad daughter-in-law. No one will force me to give up my assets, even when it comes to the demands of my own children.

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