Taken from life. I'm thinking about locking the fridge. My husband eats everything himself when the rest of the family doesn't have time

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How many times have I heard about fridge door locks but thought it was just a joke…

Real life. I'm thinking about locking the fridge. Mó her husband eats everything himself when the rest of the family doesn't have time

As it turned out, such locks really exist, I saw them in the store! With a key – everything is as it should be! I'm thinking of buying such a house for myself … – confesses Teresa, 30.

Why do I need a fridge lock?

I will close the fridge before my husband! I'm already madly tired, he just eats everything himself!!! He will never even ask if you can take anything. We have a child, but he always chooses the best morsels for himself. He gives his son something that does not look so interesting in his eyes.

Why can't he eat in his own house?

I don't forbid my husband to eat, that's why I make meals! It is enough for him to think about the whole family, not just himself. I come home from work, I know there is a lot of food at home, but I often see that there is nothing left in the fridge… He eats sausage and cheese, especially at night! That's why I don't buy it anymore.

My husband is tall himself, he did sports, his mother-in-law fed him very well since childhood, her portions are always very large, I would eat it myself for several days.

< p>Some time ago I bought some raspberries for my younger son, although now is the time that fruit is expensive. I gave him a few for tea, thinking I'd grate the rest the next day and make the kids raspberry mousse for dessert. However, I didn't make it, because my husband grabbed them all in a handful and threw them into his mouth. He hasn't even taken the raspberry box out of the fridge!

He goes into a trance like dogs during a meal… He snaps until his portion and everyone around him are gone

I was very upset then, because when I told him that it was for the children, that I hadn't even eaten a single one myself, he sent me to the store for more… He even resented that there were so few in the fridge!

Now I'm thinking about a fridge lock that can be installed against children. I'm tired of not even having time to manage groceries and plan what and when to eat, because my husband eats everything he wants in two or three visits to the kitchen!

Meat dishes I prepare it secretly from him, because when he gets to it during cooking or stewing, he often eats half-raw and then gets sick. Sometimes he even reminds me of a dog who will eat any amount and go into a trance when he smells food… I don't know how to talk to him about it anymore, because then he becomes arrogant and aggressive.

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