Taken from life. It was my father who raised me. Mother came back after twenty years and calls my child grandson

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We stood and stared at each other in silence. She is my biological mother, but is she really a mother?

Real life. It was my father who raised me. Mother came back after twenty years and calls my child grandson

For as long as I can remember, my mother has not been with me for a single day, and suddenly she appeared. She was never with us, even when her youngest child fell seriously ill and almost died, then my brother was saved by my grandmother and father.

I'm afraid to imagine what would have happened if not for them, I probably would have stayed herself

It was Dad who did my hair to school in the morning, and he wasn't very good at it. I didn't have my mother's support when I was humiliated at school, when I was told that my mother had abandoned me and that no one wanted me. She didn't care about me then because she just wasn't there.

Every New Year, my little brother and I hoped our mom would come back into our lives. Meanwhile, the years passed, and our hopes remained only desires.

Our father was not looking for a new companion, he was devoted to our mother. When my brother and I were growing up, he told us the truth: our mother had left for another. I was five years old and my younger brother was two years old when my mother disappeared from our lives.

After two decades she came into my life, my child wants to call her grandson and me daughter .

She wanted to live in the luxuries she saw in others

Alina wanted to get married all her life. She thought that when she got married, everything in her life would change, she wouldn't save until her next paycheck. She wanted her husband to give her a better fur coat than her friends had, but that wasn't the case. A friend had been in love with her since school, and then she married him. Only now he did not give her a fur coat or money, and they lived with his mother.

Alina looked with envy at the wives of wealthy men, as soon as her friends had children, she did not want to be inferior and also gave birth to two. However, she still did not intend to go to work, although her husband's money was not enough for the life she dreamed of.

When her younger child, son, turned two years old, Alina decided to take a radical step. She left her husband, whom she never loved, and their two children together, to tie up and live in another city with a wealthy businessman. Apparently, her prince in a white Porsche found someone else, because she appeared years later in her children's lives, thinking that she would hear the word “mom” from them.

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