Taken from life. “Let my daughter live in your apartment. You can take your mother with you. It's only three years!”

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Sometimes children's marital choices bring nothing but trouble to their parents…

Real life. "Let my daughter live in your apartment

My sister-in-law's husband turned out to be a terrible man, his name is Damian. Everyone was against this union. That was six years ago. Everyone gathered against Damian.

But Nadia is a stubborn girl and she kept saying:

– You see, I love him very much. You don't see what I see in him.

Well, we can't see, everything turned out to be much worse than we could have imagined. True, Damian immediately took Nadia to his small town, which was eight hours from our house.

This was the beginning of long-term problems

I have been married to Nadia's brother for nine years. We live in our own apartment. My father is a military man, he and his mother live in a large metropolis, and my husband and I moved to a smaller city. My grandmother passed away and left me a small apartment, now we rent it to cover the mortgage on our apartment.

We didn't even think about selling this apartment. This is where the mother-in-law stepped in. – Help Nadia, she ran away from her husband. – That was three years ago.

As far as I know, the mother-in-law has enough square footage to take Nadia to her place. It's true that if Damian knows her address, he'll come and make a fuss about her.

– You see, if Nadia's father were alive, he would decide everything. However, now there is no other choice. Let's put it in your apartment and I'll pay for it, said the mother-in-law.

Two days later, Nadia and her daughter moved into our apartment. My husband helped her carry all the things. We also agreed on the details of the apartment fees. A year passed, and the mother-in-law regularly paid for Nadia's apartment. Then Nadia went to work, and her new husband began to resent Nadia's pay.

Damian, despite good earnings, did not intend to pay child support and be interested in his daughter. Nadia still hadn't paid her rent, and her mother was slowly hinting that Nadia and I should handle the bills ourselves. She added that she no longer wanted to pay for her daughter.

My husband understood me and started talking to my mother about it. However, they did not understand it. Nadia didn't pay the rent on time, she kept insisting she didn't have the money to give it back to us on time. I had a bereavement in the family, my father passed away and my mother thought she would stay to live in the same apartment where she lived with her father. But then I found out I was pregnant. That's good news, although to tell you the truth, I was focused on my career at the time. I understood that I would go on maternity leave and my career would go down.

Mom offered to sell her apartment and buy one closer to us to help me with the baby when she came to world.

We thought that selling an apartment was a long way. That's why I told my mother to move into the apartment I inherited from my grandmother.

It's true that Nadia moved into this apartment, but it didn't worry me too much. I did not receive rent from her due to constant delays. So I called my mother-in-law and told Nadia to move out, because now my mother will be living there.

– What should Nadia do now?

– Let her rent another apartment.

– Do you have any idea how much it costs now, she doesn't have that kind of money.

– Nadia won't be living there all her life. It's time to let her be independent.

Time was passing, I was already seven months pregnant and Nadia hadn't moved out of my grandmother's apartment. I brought this problem to my husband and asked him to talk to his sister. My mom was still waiting to move in. The husband was talking, but then the mother-in-law cut in and started giving her some mind-blowing ideas.

She insisted that my mother nest with us so that Nadia could still occupy my apartment. She rolled noodles on her son's ears, played on emotions and tried to make him feel guilty, but my husband was reasonable and supported me in everything.

– Mom, Nadia is a big girl now and if she felt adult enough to insist on marrying Damian, let her now be adult enough to take care of herself and her daughter – said my husband. “He has until the end of the week to vacate the apartment, after which we will take legal action,” he added.

Though unspeakable clamor arose, my sister-in-law moved out of my apartment and went to live with her mother. Although it took a long time, my mother managed to move in before our little one was born.

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