Taken from life. Mother-in-law announced that she was moving in with us. It came to light how the husband's sister took her mother's apartment

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Recently, my mother-in-law surprised me with the news that she was planning to move in with us.

Real life. Mother-in-law announced that she was moving in with us. It came to light how her husband's sister took away mother's apartment

She said she would help me look after my children and take care of them so I could go back to work. It didn't sound convincing, so I dug in. It turned out that my husband's sister tricked my mother into her apartment while she was in the sanatorium for two weeks.

When the mother-in-law returned home, she found a terrible mess in it. Clothes and children's toys were scattered everywhere, and dirty dishes piled up in the sink. The mother-in-law immediately regretted asking her daughter to take care of the apartment and flowers in her absence.

However, this was not the end of the revelations. When the mother-in-law drew attention to her daughter because of the mess, she announced that she had separated from her husband and had already moved her belongings to her mother's apartment. – After all, I'm not going to the poorhouse with the children, am I? My sister-in-law explained. Unfortunately, the mother-in-law didn't like the mess her daughter kept making, so she came to our apartment with the news that she was moving in.

I have always been neutral towards my husband's mother. However, she never hid her distaste for me. She directly said that I was a spinster who stole her son. I am four years older than my husband. We have been together for five years, we have two children – a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. We all live together in my apartment, which I bought before we got married. The mother-in-law also did not like the fact that her son lived in someone else's apartment, in addition in another city. He lived with his mother and sister and supported them.

I was surprised when my mother-in-law told us she was coming for Christmas. A few days passed, after which Olga started saying that I couldn't cope with two children at all. She began to think that maybe I could use some help, but I decided that I was doing great and did not intend to hire any babysitter. It didn't occur to me that when she said help, she meant herself. She left after the New Year, but came back to us after a week with several bags. She said she couldn't see me doing badly and was moving in with us permanently.

I told my husband to sort it all out and then – while talking to his mother, he found out what his sister had done. I don't know how he arranged it, what he told his sister, or what means he used, but she gathered her things in a jiffy, packed the kids, cleaned up her mess, and went back to her husband. I can only guess that it could be related to her marital infidelity, which both my husband and I have known for some time …

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