Taken from life. Mother-in-law insists on celebrating New Year's Eve at her place. She left us hungry last year, although the table was creaking under the food

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Mother-in-law demands that we come to her on December 31, because she was not satisfied with my modest New Year's Eve table last year.

Real life. Mother-in-law insists that New Year's Eve be celebrated at her place. She left us last year hungry, although the table was cracking under food

I don't understand what she was missing. The table was heavy with snacks and she, you see, came home hungry.

My husband and I finally got our own apartment last year. So, in euphoria, we decided to invite all relatives to celebrate the New Year. I wanted to show what kind of hostess I am, and the housewarming party needed to be celebrated.

Everyone agreed to celebrate New Year's with us, so I started to prepare. I immediately decided to depart from the standard New Year's set from the times of the People's Republic of Poland and diversify the menu.

Although the table was laden with dishes, my mother-in-law left hungry

First, I searched the whole internet and found some original recipes. I also didn't forget about the standard treats, because some people prefer the classics in food.

Before New Year's Eve, we did grocery shopping and did general cleaning. I tried to make the table richer and not boring. There were five types of salads alone, as well as various snacks, sandwiches, cutlets and rolls. Mom promised to bake a cake, so I bought cookies and sweets for dessert, I didn't bother with other desserts.

I spent three days in the kitchen so as not to embarrass myself. There were supposed to be about 20 people at the ceremony – you had to make a good impression. I didn't count the number of delicacies, but the table was definitely not empty. I also had to look for a place to serve hot. However, it was still not enough for the mother-in-law.

When my relative noticed that I had done without the conservative classics, she grabbed her head. My husband reassured me, and I frantically waited for the reaction of the guests. The support of a loved one helped me a lot because I was not so nervous. The reaction of the mother-in-law did not leave my head, although the guests ate with gusto, asked for recipes and did not complain about anything. In general, everyone was happy, except for the mother-in-law. By the way, there was plenty of food – the whole fridge was still full of leftovers that had to be eaten immediately.

This year the husband's mother invites us to her place to show how he should look like new year's eve table. Knowing her passion for mayonnaise, fried and harmful dishes, we will definitely feel bad the next day. However, I will not argue, at least I will not spend money and I will not stand at the stove all day. I'll get dressed up and go celebrate the New Year!

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