Taken from life. Mother-in-law surprised us with the decision to divorce. She wants us to help her when it's over

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We've had enough of our own problems, and on top of that, the spouse's mother has decided to file for divorce.

Real life. Mother-in-law surprised us with the decision to divorce. She wants us to help her when it's over

Andrzej and I are shocked! Why get divorced in old age! They lived together all their lives, raised children, took care of their grandchildren, and now decided to divorce. What happened between them – we do not know! She stated that she would no longer live with him and wanted to divorce ”- says Elżbieta.

The mother-in-law had already arranged the whole divorce plan and what would happen to her after that

I communicate neutrally with my husband's parents. We didn't live with his parents and that was a good thing because I believe they would be hard to get along with. My husband's father is too heavy-handed. He is selfish, short-tempered, rude, irritable.

He is constantly trying to lecture everyone on how to do the right thing. Despite this, he was the main breadwinner in their family, as the mother-in-law received little and now generally receives a small pension.

The spouse's mother says that the main problem is that she had to do everything herself, because her husband had no intention of engaging in household activities such as cleaning, cooking or washing. I'm surprised because she has never shown that she has any problem with all this.

She was already planning to change the apartment. However, in our city it will be very difficult. And even here it's not even about the apartment, but about the fact that the mother-in-law will not be able to live on a penny pension.

Then let them decide what to do. They are no longer little children!

It turns out that the mother-in-law has planned to leave her dictator husband, divorce him and live with us, because her pension is too small to rent an apartment and support herself at a sufficient level. The problem is that she clings to my husband like a leech, because the rest of the family is not very well off… What should I do in this situation?

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