Taken from life. My 40 year old mother-in-law is not helping us at all. “If I want a child, I will have one.” She's hopeless

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I have a very young mother-in-law Maria, she is only 40 years old.

Real life. My 40-year-old mother-in-law does not help us at all.

She got married early and became a mother at the age of 18. My husband Romek was born at that time, and a year later his brother Artur. She and her husband loved each other very much, they waited for her to finish school and he would come from the army.

According to Romek, they had a very happy family. Maria completed accounting courses right after school and started working in a small shop, then she studied extramural, now she is the chief accountant in some reputable company.

When Romek was ten years old, his father had a terrible car accident. Therefore, Maria continued to raise the boys alone. She taught them independence and told them that she would stop caring about them as soon as they finished school.

The mother-in-law did not mince words. He enjoys life when we barely manage

The young men set off on an independent journey. When her sons were at school, their mother did not care about possible learning difficulties. She didn't provide tutoring, and when they went off to college, she made them work so they could pay for their own tuition. This meant that instead of getting an education, they were forced to immediately finish practical schools, giving a specific profession.

And so Roma and I met and got married. We were both part-time students. Maria covered some of the wedding costs, organized our honeymoon and said: “Have a nice trip, now you live on your own”. And she disappeared from our lives. Sometimes he will call, ask: “How are you?” – and that's it.

Romek's younger brother still lives with his mother, he went to college, but his mother also stopped financing him: “I will not support a grown man”.

We had a daughter and Maria a granddaughter. The mother-in-law congratulated, brought a huge gift, consisting of diapers, wipes and other hygiene products. She kissed everyone and disappeared.

She has a busy personal life. At weekends he rides a bike, takes part in hiking trips and trips to the mountains. In winter, he goes skiing and provides himself with many other attractions. She even found love. We ask her to hang out with her granddaughter for a while, but she always says, “You have to fend for yourself”. We ask for money to pay for the rent, and she: “You can manage on your own, I somehow raised the children without the help of grandmothers, so you can too”.

I don't understand her attitude and indifference. Usually, grandmothers seek contact with their grandchildren, want to influence their development, willingly take care of them and want to spoil them. Mother-in-law is different… She once told me that if she wanted to deal with diapers again, she would have her own child. It's pointless…

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