Taken from life. My adult daughter is demanding that I end my relationship. She wants me to devote myself completely to her and my granddaughter

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My daughter has her own life, but she still intrudes into my personal life. She tells me I can't have anyone but her and her daughter.

Real life. My adult daughter wants me to end the relationship. She wants me to devote myself completely to her and my granddaughter

She considers my eight-year marriage to my second husband as my life mistake… – You don't need it at all. He only interferes! she told me.

My daughter's father and I separated right after she was born. He liked jumping to the side, apart from me he had two pregnant women. I didn't want to be one of them, so I broke up with him. However, he was recorded as the father of my daughter. However, he did not participate in her life at all. I had to get back on my feet quickly.

My daughter goes to the “hardest guns” to break up my marriage

After my divorce from my first husband, my relationship with my mother ended. She thought it was a shame to raise a child without a father, even though she herself had been widowed three times, each husband drank heavily and beat her. She is proud that she made it through to the end each time.

Of course, it's my fault that my child grew up spoiled because I was trying to make up for her lack of a father. Then I was sure I was doing the right thing. At that time, I didn't even think about arranging my personal life. Yes, and I only worked in a women's team. And there was no time to meet men.

I was tired of watching TV shows and I couldn't see my friends all the time because each of them has their own family and their own problems. Then I decided to start going to cultural events. My daughter never liked such parties, but I liked them a lot.

One day Szymon sat next to me, he was older than me and turned out to be a very nice person. We talked to each other a lot. After the show, we went for a walk and exchanged phone numbers. For some reason, I had no hope that we would succeed. Meanwhile, he called me. We started seeing each other often. He took care of me for a long time. I did not devote my daughter's further personal life. For some reason, I didn't think it was that important.

She, meanwhile, resented that I stopped caring for her and her offspring. She was angry that I took care of “some guy” instead of playing the role of grandma and her mother. Today, I am eight years after my wedding, and I am very happy with Szymon. My daughter keeps trying to sabotage our relationship, but Szymek is a smart man and doesn't let himself be provoked – not even by false accusations of cheating or the skimpy outfits he wears when he knows he's going to bump into him…

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